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Stronger Together: Why We’re Partnering with IBM Kenexa to Disrupt HR Employee Engagement

At Qualtrics, we believe that great experiences happen when organizations understand the relationship between their people, their products, their brand and their customers. Employee experience is really the foundation of this ecosystem.

And that’s why today we are announcing a partnership with IBM Kenexa. For those of you who don’t know the name, Kenexa was founded in 1987 as a recruitment services firm and grew into a great employee insights and performance management brand.

By combining the power of the Qualtrics Employee Experience platform with IBM Watson Talent Insights and IBM’s World Norms, we’re introducing HR to an unprecedented amount of information and resources.

Here’s why I’m excited about the partnership and why I think it will fundamentally change the way HR functions today.

  1. We’re creating an enterprise-grade “Digital Open Door”

    As an HR leader today, you have programs tailored to your organization, helping you get closer to your people and understand the unique culture and needs of your employees. With Certified XM Solutions™ and access to IBM’s industry-leading engagement content that hundreds of global customers have relied on over the past decade, you have the deep expertise you won’t find anywhere else on the HR market.

  2. We’re enabling deeply personalized programs

    IBM customers now gain access to best-in-class technology that empowers managers with individualized and role-based dashboards. These real-time insights don’t require any vendor management to tell you what to do to empower, engage, and enable your people. Your managers simply open up their dashboard and they have insights more powerful than ever before.

  3. We’re delivering actionable insights to HR executives

    It’s important to know how your teams stack up— both to other teams internally and to industry standards— so that you can continue building a stronger employee brand and exceptional experience for your employees. With this new partnership, you have access to the most comprehensive set of benchmarks on the market. Whether you utilize Qualtrics internal benchmarking features, our new and innovative research-based benchmarks, or IBM’s World Norms (which cover 217 countries, 20 million respondents, and 20+ industries), you have access to the deepest well of comparative data in HR.

Check out our website for more information on the Qualtrics partnership with IBM Kenexa.

We’re all in a war to recruit and retain the best talent out there. The workplace is getting more complicated with new modes of work and geographically-distributed, multi-generational workforces. HR professionals need new tools for this new economy.

Our vision for Qualtrics Employee Engagement is to build an incredible radar for talent managers that allows you to get ahead of potential problems and look over the horizon. We’re excited to be partnering with IBM to empower HR professionals everywhere with the best enterprise-grade Employee Experience™ platforms and benchmarks.

Julie Larson-Green // Chief Experience Officer

Julie Larson-Green is known for her mantra “people first, technology second”. It is the foundation in her role at Qualtrics as the Chief Experience Officer (CXO), and her position as CXO over many application experiences in 25 years at Microsoft. Julie was named as a top most powerful female engineer in 2018 by Business Insider. She lives in Seattle, WA with her family.

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