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How market research platforms are redefining research agencies

Market research agencies no longer have to choose between driving ROI for clients or driving ROI for themselves

There’s a widening gulf between old research agencies modeled on the past and new market research service agencies modeled on the future. New agencies have learned how to deliver client ROI without sacrificing their own.

New agencies use technology to automate advanced analysis.
Old agencies still rely on manual analysis.

New agencies streamline their survey design and approvals with AI
Old agencies get stuck with multiple rounds of approvals and revisions

New agencies automate research with pre-made projects
Old agencies start from scratch every time they start new work

New agencies know how to improve customer experience at every touchpoint
Old agencies don’t have customer experience data and don’t know how to help

New agencies have instant access to high-quality and targeted sample
Old agencies are constantly hunting for sample and often can’t trust its quality

Qualtrics Builds New Agencies

Before Qualtrics, agencies wanting to deliver more client value needed to hire more employees, put in more hours and spend more on projects. That’s ancient history now because Qualtrics turns old agencies into new agencies.

Qualtrics lets new agencies scale up capacity without scaling up costs. You want to be a new agency, not compete with one.

How Qualtrics Drives ROI for clients and agencies

Qualtrics helps you deliver more value faster without proportional increases to spending in three core ways:

Streamline Survey Design

Effective survey design doesn’t need to be hard. Qualtrics ExpertReview analyzes every question in real-time and offers personalized survey design recommendations to boost response rates and get better quality data. With ExpertReview minding your survey quality, your researchers are freed up to deliver extra value elsewhere.

Automate Analysis

It’s expensive to hire and retain analysts. Qualtrics relieves that staffing pressure with XM Solutions, pre-built research projects that combine best practices, easy distribution, and standardized reporting and dashboards. XM Solutions dramatically streamline your research workload so employees can deliver better results with less effort.

Power your Clients’ Customer Experience

Clients no longer just expect research suppliers to help with products and messaging, they want thinking to improve the entire customer experience. Suppliers that can’t help clients become customer-centric are losing business to those who can. Qualtrics helps you delight customers at every touchpoint and improve every interaction along their customer journey.

The New Research Agency Landscape

  • 50% of MR agencies agree that automation has provided a competitive advantage (GRIT Report 2018)
  • Non-Qualtrics users spend nearly 3x more time on analysis than Qualtrics users (Qualtrics Agency Survey 2018)
  • The key priority for full-service research firms is delivering recommendations that drive the business for clients.
    (GRIT Report 2018)
  • 57% of agencies focus most of their work on analyzing data
    (Qualtrics Agency Survey 2018)
  • Only 48% of agencies are comfortable applying sophisticated statistical techniques to data
    (Qualtrics Agency Survey 2018)
  • Speed of research delivery the third most important factor in selecting a research agency, behind data quality and subject matter expertise
    (GRIT Report 2018)
  • Understanding how to leverage new technology is the #1 challenge for research agencies (GRIT Report 2018)
  • The #1 survey platform need for agencies is being able to predict customer behavior with analytics (Qualtrics Agency Survey 2017)
  • The #1 pain point for research agencies is linking research to ROI
    (Qualtrics Agency Survey 2017)

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Justin Ethington

Justin Ethington is a contributor to the Qualtrics blog.

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