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Digital Customer Service

Sunrise UPC optimizes digital customer care with Clarabridge Engage

Sunrise UPC is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland with nearly 2.9 million mobile customers, 1.2 million broadband customers, and 1.3 million TV customers. Focused on providing excellent customer experiences, Sunrise UPC uses Clarabridge Engage as the company’s hub for digital customer service to ensure high quality of service, greater efficiency, lower costs, and better customer retention.

Sunrise UPC partnered with Clarabridge to build a three-way integration between Engage, Sunrise UPC, and their chatbot provider to completely automate the self-service, hand-off, and customer identification process. Automation let Sunrise UPC’s teams focus more on their individual tasks and enhance the customer experience.

Sunrise UPC also used Clarabridge Engage to roll out WhatsApp for the business’ German-speaking market to determine how effective WhatsApp could be as a new digital channel in a pilot study. With Clarabridge Engage, Sunrise UPC’s eCare team was able to manage all incoming WhatsApp communications, realize a reduction in first response times, achieve increases in NPS, and increase sign-up rates.

The telecom industry in Switzerland is extremely competitive and we wanted our customer service to be our biggest differentiator. Clarabridge Engage gave us the tools we needed to serve customers in more convenient and regionally appropriate ways through chat and WhatsApp.

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