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How Aerolineas Argentinas moved from measurement to action

Aerolineas Argentinas Achieved


Point NPS increase


Percentage point increase in response rate

Increase in satisfaction with catering


Aerolineas Argentinas chose Qualtrics because they needed real-time customer experience data for decision making. Previously, the airline used a survey tool that required them to manually process information. In order to gear the company toward continuous improvement, they needed an automated way to identify how customers felt at each stage of the journey and the right actions to make their experience better.

Knowing the customer

Now more than ever, Aerolineas Argentinas understands who its customers are and how best to serve them. Qualtrics analytics tools allow Aerolineas Argentinas to investigate customer segments, understand expectations based on different customer profiles and prioritize actions that will have the greatest impact.

The ability to integrate customer operational data into the platform means customers no longer have to fill out a long survey where they are asked to re-enter information already provided in their reservation. Now, Aerolineas Argentinas can identify the customer, what flight they were on, and details like whether their flight was on time, in order to focus the survey on key experience questions. This change led to a response rate increase from 3% to 13% per month.

With all their customer experience information on one platform, it is much easier for the airline to understand the end-to-end journey from ticket purchase to baggage claim and respond with agility to resolve issues. Text iQ and Stats iQ enable deep analysis to understand the root cause of customer opinions, and customizable dashboards help employees quickly understand the story the data is telling.

The food experience

One of the defining points of experience on an international flight is the catering on board, and customers expect a high quality service from Aerolineas Argentinas. Qualtrics helped the airline understand the relative importance of catering, the correlation with NPS, and how they needed to improve by putting the voice of the customer at the center of decision-making.

As a result, the company designed a new menu featuring authentic Argenine foods, such as empanadas, cheese and meat boards, alfajores and dulce de leche. Before finalizing the menu, the airline used Quatlrics to have customers to rank their preferred dishes. To their delight, they found 75% of customers supported the incorporation of regional foods.

Since the new catering menu was released, Aerolineas Argentinas has seen growth in customer satisfaction and NPS. They saw fewer negative comments, and more comments like, “The best thing about the flight was the Argentine food. I liked the attention to detail.”

Building agility

With Qualtrics, Aerolinas Argentinas has enabled the whole organization to think customer first. Customized dashboards for departments including airports, crews, product and maintenance, allow each area manager to monitor their impact on CX metrics and take action to make improvements. Data analysis helps identify opportunities for cross-area customer experience projects as well.

Today, NPS is no longer a metric used only by one department but is a key objective for all. Qualtircs helped Aerolineas Argentinas achieve its highest NPS score ever, increasing from 37 points in 2019 to 52 points in 2022. The airline continues to evolve by focusing on people, both customers and employees, understanding that there is a very strong relationship between employee sentiment and the customer experience as well.

 Ignacio Echechiquia

Ignacio Echechiquia

VP of Customer Experience at Aerolineas Argentinas

Qualtrics is a key tool that allows us to prioritize actions with the greatest impact on the experience. Previously we had a survey delivery provider, but to analyze the information and generate the visualizations we had to export the data, clean it, and analyze it manually. Today, with Qualtrics, we have more than a provider, we have an ally in experience management.

Aerolineas Argentinas, founded in 1950, is the national flag carrier airline of Argentina. As the largest airline in the country, it operates a vast network of domestic and international flights, offering services to over 60 destinations worldwide. With a fleet size of approximately 80 aircraft, it serves as a crucial transportation link within Argentina and beyond.


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