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Digicel + Qualtrics

How Digicel used Qualtrics XM to uncover experience gaps and drive CX transformation

Digicel achieved


point NPS improvement
(-14 to +32)


reduction in overall contact volume


pieces of feedback received on a
monthly basis


In 2019, Digicel realized that they lacked a clear understanding of their customers and their perspectives. They knew they needed to put the focus back on their customers. The organization had a feedback program via social media but the team wasn’t getting the results they needed from that medium. “We were getting feedback but it was pretty unreliable because it could be feedback from a real customer or a BOT,” says Jorge Tobias, former Customer Experience Director at Digicel. Digicel needed far more reliable and real-time data.

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Pinpointing exactly where the experience gaps are – and closing them

Digicel had a reliable customer relationship survey, but when their NPS began to fall, they didn’t have the information required to correct the trajectory. They needed to go more granular and deploy a more transactional way of measuring NPS.

It was critical that they had a better grasp of customer feedback on a day-to-day basis. This meant listening to customers at far more touchpoints – and in all of their 25 markets – to understand where and why customers were becoming frustrated. Then, the trick was to take fast action to nip issues in the bud before more customers were affected or even left.

This was particularly important in the contact centers, which showed that customers were deeply unhappy with their experience. Digicel was stumped. They couldn’t understand how customers were repeatedly coming away from these interactions frustrated and without a proper resolution. They desperately needed to know why.

A CX transformation story

They decided to start their journey at the source, with their frontline contact centers. “We said, okay, from this foundation we’re going to launch and evolve this team from a ‘complaints center’ to a ‘Customer Experience Team’,” said Jorge.

Starting with all the touchpoints controlled directly – the calls and chats with agents, the chatbots, and the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Digicel worked with Qualtrics to assess these touchpoints and listened in real-time to find out what the issues were.

None of them were in a great standing, but the worst was the IVR. The IVR was a very old technology and Digicel had about 11 different IVRs across their markets that were very complex to fix when customers were getting stuck or were unable to resolve their problems.

Having these insights gave the customer experience team at Digicel the power to convince the executive team to invest in replacing that fragmented IVR structure. Something that wouldn’t have been greenlit by the board without this clear, evidence-based, call-to-action.

Another big step forward for the team was the launch of the callback process. If a customer feeds back that they didn’t resolve their problem, then the team has an action flow where someone will call back the customer and make sure their problem is resolved.

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Building a healthier business with personalized digital journeys

Jorge tobias

Jorge Tobias

Customer Experience Director
at Digicel

When the customer experience breaks, our customers go to Customer Care and that’s the repository where we deal with the complaints. Before Qualtrics, we apologized and tried to resolve. But after Qualtrics, we added a new layer - we action improvements to fix the pain points of the customer and prevent it from happening again.

As a Digital Operator, Digicel is in the business of delivering powerful digital experiences 1440 minutes of each day to customers. The company serves business and consumer customers in 25 markets across the Caribbean and Central America, including El Salvador, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago.




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