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Provo City + Qualtrics

"We used to wait months for citizen feedback - not anymore."



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For Provo City officials, improving the quality of life for residents has always been a major success indicator. Unfortunately, getting the feedback they needed from citizens in time to make the right decisions wasn’t always possible. Provo City wanted to have more representative data without having to wait weeks for it.

Making it easy to reach more residents

The data Provo City had to work with was coming from a narrow group—those with strong enough feelings on an issue to show up to a city council meeting, send an email, or call.Although helpful, city officials knew this feedback wasn’t representative of their entire city. They were inevitably missing out on feedback from large groups of residents. Not only that, but getting feedback via mailed surveys took months, and the results often came too lateto be useful.

Provo City partnered with Qualtrics to face its data collection challenges head-on. Through an opt-in citizen feedback program, officials now request real-time feedback from city residents on any topic at any time. Using Qualtrics’ point-and-click survey builder, robust distribution process, and intelligent contact management, city officials are able to collect feedback about key topics in just days.

When it’s time to explore the data, Qualtrics helps Provo City officials extract the most important insights with real-time reporting on an integrated, easy-to-understandvisual dashboard.

Better insights, better quality of life

Provo City officials now get the insights they need, when they need them. They’re able to make time-sensitive decisions that affect the lives of their residents in real ways. They recently sent out surveys focused on issues including quality of life, real estate, and zoning. By using Qualtrics and posting the surveys on the city’s website, they’ve seena significant increase in response rates. A handful of citizens used to voice their opinions about these topics, but now Provo receives feedback from thousands of valued citizens.

Provo City officials are especially enthusiastic about the dramatic increase in civic engagement due to the use of Qualtrics. The people of the city are taking part in more decisions that affect their community. Additionally, officials have seen a jump in the excitement of city employees to make an impact using more reliable data.

By relying on quality feedback from its residents, Provo has achieved prestigious national rankings and cemented its reputation as a highly desirable place to work and live.

Provo City is improving the quality of life for residents every day

John Curtis

John Curtis

Provo City Mayor

We were waiting months for feedback— Qualtrics was this nirvana moment. We can grab real-time information from people and know how they’re feeling about issues.

Provo City is the third largest city in Utah and home to a growing list of billion-dollar tech companies—all within a short drive to world-renowned ski resorts. This unique combination has led to Provo being referred to as the heart of “Silicon Slopes.”





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