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ServiceNow + Qualtrics

‘We’re able to ensure that feedback gets to the right team, every time.’

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ServiceNow is on a mission to raise the standard for customer experience in the enterprise software category. The first step? They needed to create a system to empower their frontline to close the loop and respond effectively to customer feedback.

Making B2B feel more like B2C

ServiceNow wanted to deliver a world-class customer and partner experience across journeys. But first, the company’s CX Strategy team had to streamline their surveys on one platform and build an infrastructure to effectively drive across-the-board ROI. So, they embarked on a total revamp of their CX practice.

They started by eliminating existing bias from their survey programs to make sure they could accurately baseline and measure their progress. Next, they architected an innovative three-team structure, including one focused on experience design, another responsible for driving customer-centric culture, and an analytics team tasked with understanding the customer and discovering the concrete ROI of CX improvements. With this structure in place, the CX Strategy team turned to Qualtrics for the technology that would make it easy to engage every frontline team at ServiceNow.

Turning insights into action—automatically

With the Qualtrics XM Platform, ServiceNow can automatically route customer and partner feedback to the appropriate teams across the business, allowing them to address the needs of customers and partners quickly and successfully. In fact, ServiceNow has 17 survey programs with 31 action workflows, which have generated more than 10K follow-up actions from over 1,700 different owners.

With these action workflows, ServiceNow employees have been able to deliver some truly outstanding results. In one instance, a large European customer who had had a challenging implementation experience gave ServiceNow a NPS detractor score. The low rating triggered an alert to the Customer Success Manager (CSM), who followed up directly with the customer, explored the root cause of their issues, and quickly developed an action plan to help the customer achieve their desired business outcomes. This fast action fostered loyalty. Not only did the customer’s NPS improve, but the value of the account increased by more than 25%.

These closed-loop actions have big implications at scale. The CX Strategy team has determined that NPS for customers where they followed up on feedback is 12 points higher on average YoY than those with no follow-up. And by combining operational data with the feedback collected from its ever-growing array of listening posts across digital properties and relational touchpoints, ServiceNow can now measure the impact of experience investments across customer journeys and predict the effect of improvements on customers’ Annual Contract Value (ACV).

With a more complete understanding of customer and partner journeys and the moments that matter most, ServiceNow can prioritize the initiatives that will have the biggest impact, secure executive buy-in for improvements, and connect teams across the organization to effect change at scale.

Looking ahead

What is the future of ServiceNow’s innovative insights-to-action program? The CX Strategy team is doubling down on customer experience because they know it’s the right thing to do for their customers—as well as for ServiceNow’s continued growth. Bolstered by proof points and ROI, they are adding more listening posts and exploring predictive models based on operational and financial data to forecast which accounts could have potential issues, even before they provide feedback.

And ever mindful of the impact that engaged employees have on customer experience, the organization is telling the human stories behind its CX successes. Because ultimately, a journey toward customer centricity is a journey toward building a more human business—one that employees are proud to work for, and that customers rave about.

“With Qualtrics, the moment we receive feedback we can alert the right teams to take action, to mend those relationships, to solve critical issues in real time with our customers.”

—Emma Sopadjieva, Head of CX Analytics, ServiceNow

Headshot of Matt Lombardi

Matt Lombardi

Global VP of Customer Experience, ServiceNow

With Qualtrics, enabling the right teams to take action on customer feedback has become intuitive and seamless—this has elevated our customer experience to new heights across every moment that matters to our customers.

ServiceNow, Inc. is an American software company based in Santa Clara, California that develops a cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations. Founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy, ServiceNow is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the Russell 1000 Index and S&P 500 Index. In 2018, Forbes magazine named it number one on its list of the world's most innovative companies.





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