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University of Utah health + Qualtrics

Using Qualtrics
to deliver better outcomes for patients and the frontline

University of Utah Health achieved

Deeper understanding of patient needs


increase in feedback

Amplification of patient gratitude


University of Utah Health wants to co-design the future of healthcare with patients and their families – but that can’t happen without listening and truly understanding patient needs. With Qualtrics, University of Utah Health can get critical experience data in the hands of the people who need it most, their frontline, to create better outcomes for both patients and their teams.

Nurse pushing person in wheel chair

Why is it so critical to get feedback into the hands of the frontline?

When patients leave a hospital or clinic it is exponentially harder to care for them. Using real-time insights, University of Utah Health is able to provide meaningful care – infused with empathy and fueled by data.

Positive recognition boosts retention

University of Utah Health has found patients use feedback opportunities as “gratitude diaries,” providing feedback on the positive experiences they have had from their doctors, nurses, meals, and more.

From a business standpoint, that positive feedback has gone a long way toward motivating staff and anchoring everyone around a shared purpose.

Timely insights help close the loop faster

From understanding their care plan to questions around billing, there’s no shortage of areas that create friction for patients, which can lead to a negative experience at the most inopportune time.

Traditional methods meant University of Utah Health didn’t hear about these issues until it was too late to fix them. University of Utah Health now has systems that send feedback data to the entire team so that they can deliver more inclusive and responsive care in the moment.

apple watch, doctor and patient, phone with survey

University of Utah Health knows better patient experiences create better patient outcomes

Mari Ransco

Mari Ransco

Senior Director, Patient Experience, University of Utah Health

It's one thing to have feedback sitting in your computer system or in a dashboard, it's totally different if it can be in the hands of someone who can actually do something about it. Partnering with Qualtrics has opened the doors to being able to do this all across our system.

University of Utah Health is the only academic medical center in the state of Utah and the Mountain West and comprises five hospitals, 11 community healthcare centers, and six schools and colleges.





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