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How institutions can thrive in a changing landscape

Students and faculty interact on university campus

2023 is set to be full of changing expectations – from your students, families and employees – for the education institution. Charting the path forward against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, waning confidence, and declining enrollment is no easy feat for education leaders.

These realities come to light in our latest global research, where we spoke to more than 7,000 education community members and over 2,500 education employees worldwide to find out what leaders need to do to understand and exceed expectations in the year ahead.

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In this report, you'll learn:

  • How to ensure you’re delivering the experiences students, families and alumni want
  • What you need to do to retain and attract employees in order to compete against lucrative private sector opportunities
  • Why listening to your community and employees is crucial to navigating what lies ahead in 2023

Celebrating 20+ years of designing and improving education experiences