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Beyond the Buzzword: An In-Depth Examination of “Omnichannel Analysis"

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The modern customer journey is extremely complex. Today’s customers engage with companies before, during and after an actual purchase, forming opinions about a brand not only during the phases of initial awareness and research but also throughout the usage period and during interactions with customer support.

Historically, customer experience (CX) programs have relied on surveys to collect customer feedback and measure service quality; however, surveys alone fail to adequately capture the full breadth of experiences that occur throughout a customer’s journey.

In order to establish an effective customer analytics program, companies must include data from multiple sources including digital communities, interaction channels and surveys. Each of these sources plays a different role in contributing to a comprehensive understanding of customer feedback.

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This whitepaper explores:

  • The benefits and limitations of data from digital communities, calls, chats and surveys
  • How the analysis of multiple data sources increases the overall effectiveness of a broader CX program
  • The ways in which insights from different data sources can optimize the collection of customer feedback via other channels

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