How to Drive Profits with Customer Segmentation

A beginner’s guide to breaking down your market into targetable groups One of the key challenges of any organization is how to ensure its product and marketing efforts resonate with the market. Enter customer segmentation. Segmentation gives you detailed, data-rich profiles of groups within your market. Done right, segmentation takes the guesswork out of how to best reach your target audience.

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What you will learn from this eBook

  • WHAT MARKET SEGMENTATION FOR CUSTOMER IS To reach your ideal audience, one size doesn’t fit all. Market segmentation is breaking down your market into manageable customer groups while also giving you rich insights into behaviors and beliefs of each segment.
  • WHY CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION IS A CRUCIAL GROWTH STRATEGY Companies who have mastered segmentation enjoy better performing products, better market positioning, and stronger growth. Learn how segmentation can help your organization realize these benefits.
  • HOW TO BUILD YOUR FIRST SEGMENTATION STUDY Learn the different categories for segmentation and the right mix of questions to design a study that will give you useful segments. You’ll also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your results. Popular customer segmentation categories include:
    • Geographic segmentation
    • Demographic segmentation
    • Firmographic segmentation
    • Behavioral segmentation
    • Psychographic segmentation

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