Become a Leader in Retail Customer Experience

The customer experience is becoming more important everyday, and you need to delight your customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. This eBook provides tools and benchmarks to creating a great customer experience in the retail industry.

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What you will learn from this retail CX eBook

  • Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Utilizing Omnichannel Measurement
  • 5 Competencies Crucial for Retail CX Success
  • The Importance of Continuous Innovation
  • Measuring the Customer Intelligence
  • The Employee to Customer Connection

Today’s retail brands must keep a constant pulse on their consumer base—one that exists in store and online with a highly empowered, price-conscious consumer in mind. Decision makers are faced with an ever-changing landscape as they actively seek out customer experience solutions in order to drive new customer acquisition and create brand loyalists. With the competition fiercer than ever, your brand needs to stand out among the noise. In the eBook, you’ll find the goals of customer experience retail programs and the five competencies crucial for retail CX success. These foundational principles will help your brand shift from transactional to more customer-experience driven.

You'll learn how to optimize and accelerate your customer acquisition, increase your share of wallet, and improve your brand awareness and equity. Most importantly, you’ll understand the importance of measuring your customer’s journey among all channels, and creating an exceptional experience both online and in-store. As more and more companies are focusing on the customer experience, this guide will give you the tools you need to improve the buyer’s journey and edge out the competition.

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