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Customer Experience Playbook

Design breakthrough customer experiences in location-based businesses

The customer experience in location-based businesses like retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and many more is about far more than just what happens ‘on the ground’.

As well as the experiences people have in the physical premise itself, there are plenty of external factors like social media, review websites, advertising, and many more that impact customers’ satisfaction, spend, and loyalty.

Learn how to understand how each channel impacts the experience your customers have, and design experiences that go beyond just the physical location to drive footfall, loyalty, and revenue with our 3-step guide to implementing a world-class customer experience program for location-based businesses.

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What you will learn from this eBook:

  • How to uncover insights from feedback both in location and across digital touchpoints
  • Practical ways to drive accountability and action on the ground to improve the customer experience
  • How to get started and build a roadmap for your CX program to evolve over time from on-premise
    experience to true omnichannel experience management

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