Guide to Modern Agile Research

Every organization aspires to be the market leader — not simply one of the masses. Companies that do it best continue to drive innovation and disruption in their industry. To drive more innovation, organizations are turning to the software industry for ideas. See how agile methods are transforming business – and how to apply research to that effort.

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What you will learn from this eBook

  • WHAT IS AGILE? First applied in software development, agile methods focus less on delivering the perfect final product and more on producing incremental value for customers by creating a continuous stream of innovation. See how agile methods have disrupted businesses.
  • HOW AGILE METHODS AND MARKET RESEARCH WORK TOGETHER Agile helps you move faster. But moving faster isn’t enough. Market research provides the constant feedback mechanism to let you know if you got it right. Learn how agile methods and research fit hand in hand.
  • WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN AN AGILE RESEARCH PLATFORM To keep pace with agile, organizations need research platforms that enable faster, better research. Learn what types of things to keep in mind when looking for a platform.

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