The Ultimate Voice of the Customer (Voc) Starter Kit

Armed with the tactical knowledge outlined in this starter kit, you’ll be on the right track to master customer experience and know how to map your VoC program plan and start taking action.

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What you will learn from this eBook

  • What are the key drivers of a successful VoC program?
  • What is the ROI of customer experience?
  • What are common VoC and CX metrics I should use to capture customer feedback and insights?
  • How do I build a successful, scalable VoC program?
  • Once I’ve built a program, how do I keep the momentum going?

Having a customer experience road map is crucial for any organization looking to expand their CX efforts. But even though countless vendors tout the power of their voice of the customer platforms, few VoC software or service providers actually deliver the knowledge and expertise you need to implement and carry out your VoC program.

Before outsourcing your VoC efforts or getting overwhelmed trying to build out a full-scale program, we'll help you map your VoC program plan and start taking action. We’ll address some of the most common questions companies and individuals ask before they begin investing time and money in voice of the customer initiatives.

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