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The future of work paves a new path to customer obsession

What if you knew exactly where to focus in your employee experience program to deliver back to the bottom line? When you focus on the right actions for your people, you can have a direct impact on customers, and deliver greater ROI.

Watch this session to see industry research from guest, James McQuivey, Ph.D. from Forrester Research, on how and why leading organizations are bringing their EX and CX programs together, learn best practices from Qualtrics for aligning EX and CX efforts, and get practical tips and takeaways from organizations who have successfully done so.

In this webinar we’ll be sharing:

  • The top EX drivers to focus on to help improve customer obsession in your people
  • Key traits of organizations that have successfully leveraged employee experience to
    add value to customers
  • The changing expectations from employees and how to keep your workforce engaged

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Picture of James McQuivey, Ph.D.

James McQuivey, Ph.D.

VP Research Director
Forrester Research (Guest Speaker)

James tracks and predicts behavior change, whether among consumers or employees. In his tenure at Forrester, he successfully forecast the rise of online shopping in 1998 and more recently predicted the arrival of Amazon’s Echo platform before it existed. His models succeed because he focuses on an understanding of core human needs and motivations, using that foundation to predict why, when, and how people will try new things.

Picture of Charlotte Blane

Charlotte Blane

Employee Experience Solution Strategist

Charlotte Blane is an Employee Experience Solution Strategist at Qualtrics. In her role, she helps organizations intersect content, best practices, technology, and consulting to produce superior employee experiences. Throughout her career, Ms. Blane has partnered with a wide array of organizations and industries to help them cultivate human excellence, informed by data and challenging long-held assumptions to find new and better ways to drive success.

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