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Employee engagement amplified: From employee surveys to meaningful change

March 20 / 2:30 PM PT / 5:30 PM ET

Join us for a 90-minute session combining wine & cheese tasting with a talk on “Employee Engagement Amplified” by Qualtrics I/O psychologist Jessie Stidham. Learn to transform employee feedback into impactful change, specifically for those in healthcare from hospitals to pharma.

There’s a gap between how HR leaders and employees view the use of feedback; while 84% of HR professionals feel they utilize it well, only 43% of employees notice genuine improvements. This disparity emphasizes the need for companies to actively implement feedback for a more engaged and cohesive employee experience.

This session is tailored for those in the healthcare world, from hospitals to insurance companies and pharmaceuticals, to provide a fresh look at how we gather and use feedback from our teams to really make a difference in their work lives and in patient or customer care.

In this interactive event designed for employee experience and human resources leaders and practitioners, we’ll discuss:

  • The significance of follow-up: Unlock the full potential of your employee feedback by understanding the power of a strategic response. We’ll delve into how follow-ups act as a lever for organizational transformation, transcending mere formality to become actionable insights for change.
  • Strategies for effective follow-up: Elevate the follow-up process with a comprehensive approach to employee feedback. Explore the creation of a dynamic, responsive system intent on fostering continuous improvement within your organization, ensuring each piece of feedback contributes to cumulative positive developments.
  • Learning from success stories: We’ll share inspiring examples from healthcare and other industries where companies have gotten it right and actually improved experiences based on feedback.

Thank you for your interest. This event has hit capacity.


Picture of Jessie Stidham

Jessie Stidham

Healthcare & Life Sciences Employee Experience Solution Strategist

Based in the Nashville area, Jessie Stidham serves as the Healthcare and Life Sciences Employee Experience Strategist for Qualtrics. With her expertise grounded in industrial-organizational psychology, Jessie leverages her experience to assist clients and potential customers in developing premier employee listening strategies. Prior to joining Qualtrics in 2022, Jessie spent nearly five years to overseeing employee experience and engagement for a prominent healthcare institution. Her professional journey also includes tenure in several HR capacities, where she led programs and strategy across HR systems, talent and performance management, as well as leadership and organizational development. Jessie's diverse experience informs her holistic approach to fostering transformative workplace cultures.

Picture of Brian Jefferis

Brian Jefferis

EX XM Scientist

Brian Jefferis is an experienced IO Psychologist specializing in EX listening programs in healthcare. With a strong track record of translating complex data into actionable insights, he focuses on aligning measurement practices with operational goals to enhance organizational performance. Brian's expertise lies in creating robust measurement programs and leveraging advanced analytics to provide clear, actionable insights. He enjoys helping organizations understand complex systems and apply rigorous theoretical frameworks.

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