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Tap into the power of omnichannel insight

The volume of unstructured data in the world is growing rapidly – 80% of customer data will be unstructured by 2025, according to IDC.

Yet most companies are unable to take advantage of the goldmine of untapped customer insights and the unique signals they provide into customer sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent. That means you’re missing the insights you need to empathize with customers as they engage with your teams throughout their journey.

So how can you get started? Hear from Koren Stucki, VP, Omnichannel CX Strategy, Qualtrics, and featured guest Joana de Quintanilha, Forrester VP, Principal Analyst, to find out.

Listen to this webinar to learn how to:

  • Make it real – understand the types of customer feedback, their use cases, the value they provide, and how to activate them across your organization to fuel continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Get started – leverage a simple framework for defining a CX listening strategy that combines solicited and unsolicited feedback for deeper journey understanding.
  • Acquire buy-in – get leadership onboard and build champions across the organization.

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Picture of Koren Stucki

Koren Stucki

VP, Omnichannel CX Strategy

Koren leads Omnichannel CX Strategy at Qualtrics and helps companies take a programmatic, enterprise approach to drive continuous improvement. She has extensive experience in service innovation, customer experience, and voice of the customer and employee programs, having built organizations and programs as a practitioner in Fortune 100 and start-up businesses, and as a consultant to companies across industries.

Picture of Joana de Quintanilha

Joana de Quintanilha

VP, Principal Analyst

Based in Amsterdam, Joana serves customer experience professionals. Her areas of expertise include digital customer experience, tools like journey mapping, and Agile methods. Joana also focuses on brand and leads Customer Experience Index research in Europe. Before joining Forrester, Joana was the senior customer experience manager at Elsevier, a leading provider of science and health information.

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