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5 steps for creating
a successful
CX metrics program

At a time when customer loyalty is harder fought for – and easier lost – than ever, merely monitoring your CSAT and NPS metrics isn’t enough to make your CX program a success. It’s what you do off the back of that data to improve the experience that really counts.

Hear from Moira Dorsey from Qualtrics XM Institute, as she explores the link between CSAT, NPS, and 2022’s biggest consumer expectations, and shares what steps companies can take to meet them.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • The ROI between great CX and loyalty
  • The steps to take to create a successful action-led CX program
  • How to leverage your CX metrics to improve the customer journey,
    including customer service and digital

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Picture of Moira Dorsey

Moira Dorsey

Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute

Moira Dorsey is a Principal XM Catalyst with Qualtrics XM Institute. During her career as an experience management researcher, advisor, and speaker, Moira has coached scores of leaders on how to find the sweet spot where customer needs, employee experience, business goals, and operations combine to produce great experiences that drive growth. Prior to joining XM Institute, Moira was a VP at Forrester Research. As head of Forrester’s CX research and advisory practice, she developed high-performance teams and led the CX product portfolio to double-digit growth.

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