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Breaking down biases: How to create a solid CX program

Helping companies create memorable relocation experiences for employees is a cornerstone of Altair Global's business, and it's one of the main drivers behind their focus on Experience Management. But, creating and evolving a strong customer-centric culture isn't easy in a global company. In this session, you'll hear Kelly Tepera & Trapper Pace share how the Altair Global leadership team is revolutionizing the end-to-end customer experience by breaking down biases in their CX program.

What you'll learn from this webinar

  • How Altair leverages their employee experience to improve their customer experience
  • The 3 types of response bias created by after-the-fact surveying
  • How Altair maps their operational (O-data) to their experiential (X-data)

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Picture of Kelly Tepera

Kelly Tepera

Senior VP, Customer Experience
Altair Global

Kelly is the senior vice president of customer experience and is Altair Global’s customer success champion. Her broad base of experience in key aspects of the mobility industry include service delivery, quality assurance, client relations, information/data management, system design, and training. Most recently, she was featured in an IT Leader’s Spotlight Series with Microsoft.

Picture of Trapper Pace, M.Ed.

Trapper Pace, M.Ed.

Director, Global Engagement & Development
Altair Global

Trapper is the Director of Global Engagement & Development, working in Altair’s Team Member Experiences and Resources department. He is responsible for overseeing the coaching and training of people leaders, driving engagement efforts, and leads inclusion and diversity for the company. He works closely with leaders to support training needs in all of Altair’s offices.

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