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Customer experience in a digital age

In today’s hyper-connected world—customer experience isn’t just important—it’s critical to your business’ success. Customers expect the world, and with advances in technology and an ever expanding list of channels, connecting with customers in a meaningful way is becoming increasingly complex.

Join us as Juliana Holterhaus, Ph.D. from Qualtrics, discusses the impact and influence digital can have on customer experience, what challenges exist, and how those challenges provide new opportunities for understanding and engaging with customers in a meaningful way.

What you'll learn from the webinar

  • How the experience economy has changed brand-consumer relationships and what effect it is having on customer behavior
  • What challenges exist in an expanding digital landscape and how to capitalize on new opportunities these challenges create
  • How to manage the customer experience over multiple touchpoints, journeys, and digital channels

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Picture of Juliana Holterhaus

Juliana Holterhaus

Senior XM Scientist

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