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Legal resources for partners

Our partners are crucial to how we go to market and serve our customers. As a result, we
empower our partners and prospective partners with the information and materials
they need to maximize the value they get from their partnership with Qualtrics.

On this page, you can find a summary of the different Qualtrics partnership models and the
associated contracts and compliance documents.

1. Alliance Agreement

The Alliance Agreement governs your place on the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN) and will apply regardless of partnership model. It contains the general responsibilities of each party.

2. The Addenda

Qualtrics has a suite of addenda to the Alliance Agreement, each applying to a different partnership model. You may enter into more than one addenda depending on the nature of our partnership. The following tiles set out the most common models and include links to the applicable addenda.

Selling models

XM Referral

For partners who are looking to generate opportunities and refer them to Qualtrics.

  • XM Referral cannot be combined with XM Co-Sell.
  • Partner must complete and sign a Material Value Declaration form for each opportunity.

XM Co-Sell

Partner manages the entire sales process, except signature, which is between Qualtrics and the end customer.

  • XM Co-Sell cannot be combine with XM Referral.
  • Partner must complete and sign a Proof of Services form for each opportunity.

XM Sell (Resale)

Partner buys a Qualtrics product and sells it to their end customer on the partner’s paper. In most models, partner controls cross sell, up sell, first (sometimes second) level product support, customer success, and renewal.

Within the XM Sell Addendum, there is the option for the partner to have the end-customer enter into a EULA with Qualtrics or have no EULA, whereby the partner is responsible for enforcing end user terms against the end-customer.

  • XM Sell may be combined with either XM Co-Sell or XM Referral, but not both.

Other models

Services partner

Partner provides a Qualtrics customer with services that complement the Qualtrics product (e.g., implementation or advisory services)

For partners who want to have the ability to sell their services be included on Qualtrics’ contract with an end customer, the partner will also need to sign a Master Services Agreement as a Qualtrics supplier/subcontractor (see Supplier section).

3. Other partner documents

There may be additional documents required to become a member of the Qualtrics Partner Network. Common examples include: