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Ananda Development Chooses Qualtrics EmployeeXM to Design and Deliver Exceptional Employee Experiences

Last updated:  August 27, 2019

  • Leading Thai real estate developer will use employee experience data to fuel innovation and growth in its organisation
  • Project represents one of the first joint Qualtrics and SAP deals in APJ

BANGKOK, 28 August 2019Qualtrics, the leader in experience management (XM), today announced that Ananda Development (Ananda), Thailand’s leading real estate developer, has selected Qualtrics EmployeeXM to design and deliver a better experience for its 1,300-strong workforce in the country.

Implementing Qualtrics EmployeeXM is a key milestone in Ananda’s mission to consistently bring urban living innovations and partnerships to market in Thailand. The insights will be used to help fuel the company’s rapid growth, and strengthen its position as a leading employer of choice.

Ananda will use the Qualtrics platform to capture and measure employee experience data (X-data) – the opinions, beliefs, and sentiments of employees – more frequently across the entire employee lifecycle. Business leaders and HR managers are given access to X-data through personalised dashboards allowing them to view feedback in one place and create engagement plans aligning with the company’s innovation objectives.

Qualtrics EmployeeXM complements Ananda’s existing SAP SuccessFactors platform, and represents one of the first joint deals between Qualtrics and SAP in the region following SAP’s acquisition of Qualtrics. By combining X-data from Qualtrics with operational data (O-data) from SAP SuccessFactors, Ananda will better understand the drivers behind its employee experience and how they may impact business performance. Bringing together X and O-data also provides Ananda with a holistic view of its employee experience in order to attract, engage, and retain a world-class workforce.

“Ananda Development is committed to developing and empowering our workforce on a continual basis as they are a key part of the company’s success. We recognise a superior employee experience is the foundation for great customer experience, and using Qualtrics EmployeeXM and SAP SuccessFactors, Ananda is able to unlock the data we need to deliver this. The intelligent insights captured will enable us to equip our workforce with the skills, tools, and environments required to consistently bring new and relevant innovations to market, while the expertise of the Qualtrics team and the scalability of the platform supports our growth,” said Vanee Bijayendrayodhin, Chief People Officer, Ananda Development.

“Businesses across Asia are increasingly realising employee experience is critical to business success, from boosting loyalty and productivity through to attracting and retaining employees. This small shift in mindset requires a technological shift. By selecting Qualtrics EmployeeXM Ananda has taken the first step to creating an employee experience that aligns with its strategic objectives. Qualtrics is delighted to partner with Ananda during this exciting phase of growth,” said Foo Mao Gen, Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics.

“Many companies have the O-data to understand what is happening within the organisation but they may not know the why. Using Qualtrics, Ananda can close the gaps between the what and the why by integrating O-data with X-data to develop their employees’ potential, better understand their business, and ultimately deliver superior customer experiences. We are pleased to be part of Ananda’s transformation to become intelligent enterprise,” said Verena Siow, Managing Director, Indochina, SAP.