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Qualtrics Launches “Irreverent” Film Series on XM+

Last updated:  July 6, 2022

‘Irreverent’ Tells the Stories of Brands Pushing the Status Quo to Win on Experience

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (July 6, 2022) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced the launch of “Irreverent”, a new film series on XM+, the destination for business professionals charged with designing and improving customer and employee experiences.

“Irreverent” is a multi-part series exploring the ways that some of the world’s most beloved brands are winning by reimagining their business as an experience. In this series, the wisdom of experts comes together with the lived experience of superfans to tell a story of how these brands create remarkable experiences and drive business growth and category leadership. The first two episodes of “Irreverent”’ are available now and provide a unique look at two companies making experience part of their company DNA: Costco and Fenty Beauty.

  • By building an experience around membership and curating an edited selection of high-volume products, Costco has created a sense of belonging that other brands strive to achieve. This episode explores why the key drivers of Costco’s growth aren’t what they appear to be at first blush and has practical guidance for building and maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Fenty Beauty took a bold stand in the beauty category by creating product lines for people of all skin tones, creating a more empathetic and inclusive brand that urges everyone to pursue their unique definition of beauty. By providing beauty products in a color palette as beautifully diverse as the human race, Fenty Beauty has taken a stand and built the kind of experience that’s instructive to all brands today.
  • “These companies have a deep understanding of why experience management matters and the role it plays in driving business success,” said Kylan Lundeen, Chief Marketing Officer of Qualtrics. “They know that listening to customer and employee feedback is critical, but that it’s even more important to learn from that listening, and take action to move your business and brand forward. And, often, that means doing things in ways they’ve never been done before.”

    “Irreverent” is available to all XM+ subscribers. Upcoming episodes will feature other brands like Taco Bell, Patagonia, Impossible, and Traeger. Later this year, Qualtrics will premiere a series of short films examining the future of work and the importance of putting the employee experience first in order to attract, hire, and retain talent.

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