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Leading Organizations Across Asia Pacific and Japan Choose Qualtrics to Build Deeper Relationships with Customers and Employees

Last updated:  January 30, 2023

SYDNEY (Jan. 31, 2023) Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced hundreds of leading organizations across Asia Pacific and Japan, including Qantas, Wipro, and Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, selected its experience management solutions in the second half of 2022 to help them find and keep customers, attract, retain, and develop talent, and improve operational efficiencies by building deeper relationships with their customers and employees.

“At a time when leaders are facing increasing pressure to protect their revenues, increase efficiencies, and improve operations, they are choosing Qualtrics to help them make mission-critical customer and employee decisions with empathy, speed, and scale,” said Brigid Archibald, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics. “Experience management is a fundamental component of the operating rhythm at thousands of organizations across Asia Pacific and Japan. In today’s challenging markets, we are more committed than ever to help our customers realize even greater value from their investments with our purpose built solutions, expert team, and growing ecosystem of partners equipping them with the capabilities, insights, expertise, and support they need.”

Qualtrics invests in Asia Pacific and Japan

As organizations across Asia Pacific and Japan respond to the current macroeconomic environment, alongside continued discussions regarding ways of working, customer and employee experience is directly impacting business outcomes. Recent Qualtrics XM Institute research revealed businesses in the region are risking up to 17% of their annual revenue due to poor customer experience. Similarly, the Qualtrics 2023 Employee Experience Trends Report showed only 38% of workers say their expectations at work are being met, which is negatively impacting key employee experience metrics.

To help Qualtrics’ growing customers in Asia Pacific and Japan quickly identify and resolve points of friction across all digital and human touchpoints, the company has continued to scale its local operations and the experience management ecosystem over the past year.

The Qualtrics XMOS™ is now available through local AWS Cloud Infrastructures in Australia, Singapore, and Japan – with the latter going live in 2022 – to help customers comply with relevant industry regulations and security requirements. The company opened new headquarters in Tokyo and Greater China, and a second Japanese office located in Osaka. To advance experience management capabilities in Asia Pacific and Japan, Qualtrics launched the Center for Experience Management – in partnership with SAP and the Singapore Economic Development Board – partnered with the Institute of Human Resource Professionals, and strengthened strategic relationships in the growing local Qualtrics Partner Network.

Leading organizations choose Qualtrics

In the second half of 2022, leading organizations across Asia selected and expanded their investments in Qualtrics.

Australia’s largest airline Qantas expanded the company’s multi-year, multi-product partnership with Qualtrics to support the company in its ongoing commitment to help 22,000 employees to be and do their best in a safe and inclusive culture. Within the company’s existing EX program, Qantas will use a tailored 360-degree feedback tool designed by Qualtrics’ EX experts to help develop its leadership programs focused on equipping senior managers with the skills and knowledge to lead inclusive and high-performing teams.

Wipro, a leading technology services and consulting company with over 250,000 employees across 66 countries, selected Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ in Q4 to help drive a culture of connectedness and belonging among its workforce in a hybrid environment. The expert-designed EX methodologies and pre-built workflows and templates from Qualtrics will allow Wipro to build a complete view of employee experiences and sentiments, enabling its leaders to take swift, targeted action, creating a workplace where each employee feels heard, included, and respected.

Australia’s largest retail drinks network and portfolio of licensed hotels Endeavour Group added new functionalities to its EmployeeXM platform to help the company build manager effectiveness, improve the onboarding experience for new team members, and provide a positive, safe, and inclusive workplace for its 30,000 employees. Adding to the company’s engagement program, Endeavour will capture regular feedback throughout the employee lifecycle to understand what moments are having the biggest impact on employee experience, and what meaningful actions can be taken to improve the experiences for employees and customers.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (DPE) selected Qualtrics to understand the Company’s brand awareness in Australia and take rapid, targeted actions helping increase market share in the country’s growing food delivery market. BrandXM™ will allow DPE to track brand health, monitor awareness against competitors, and review marketing and campaign effectiveness, with the insights and capabilities provided helping the restaurant chain on its journey to double its store footprint over the decade ahead, deliver value for customers, franchisees, and shareholders, and become the most efficient, sustainable food delivery business on the planet.

Freedom Furniture, one of Australia’s leading lifestyle retailers, increased its investment in Qualtrics CustomerXM™ to help the company achieve its goals of increasing profitability and product range, and creating more integrated digital customer experiences in the competitive homeware category. Having seen value in initial investments in Qualtrics, the retailer is now scaling its programs to better understand what customers want. The new insights will guide product inventories and marketing strategies.

Recognizing the important role customer-centric innovations have to play in building a sustainable and inclusive digital ecosystem, Telkomsel, one of Indonesia’s largest telecommunications providers, selected Qualtrics to help drive and accelerate adoption of new digital services. Telkomsel will use Qualtrics DesignXM™ to undertake regular consumer research, equipping the organization with valuable insights to help bring to market products, support, and subscription plans that are aligned to customers’ needs and expectations.

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, is a cloud-native software provider that helps organizations quickly identify and resolve points of friction across all digital and human touchpoints in their business – so they can retain their best customers and employees, protect their revenue, and drive profitability. More than 18,750 organizations around the world use Qualtrics’s advanced AI to listen, understand and take action. Qualtrics uses its vast universe of experience data to form the largest database of human sentiment in the world. Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle, and operates out of 28 offices globally. To learn more, please visit