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Leading Organizations Choose Qualtrics to Understand and Act on Customer Feedback During Challenging Times

Last updated:  October 27, 2022

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (Oct 26, 2022) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced that hundreds of organizations worldwide, including L.L. Bean and Vinfast, selected its customer experience solutions in the third quarter of 2022 to create extraordinary experiences for customers during an uncertain time.

“When times are tight, customers are looking closely at where they spend their money. A single bad experience—like an error at checkout or a frustrating customer care conversation—can result in a lost customer,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics’ President of Products and Engineering. “Organizations must understand exactly how their customers feel and where they are experiencing issues, whether it’s on their digital channels, their contact center, or in their physical locations, so they can take the right action in real time before those issues turn into lost revenue.”

Rising costs are changing the consumer landscape, and people are taking steps to improve their financial standing by trimming their expenses, according to Qualtrics research. Almost one in five (18%) working adults have cut their expenses by moving to an area with a lower cost of living, and another 13% are planning to do so. Nearly 70% of working parents say their pay isn’t keeping up with costs. At a time when customers’ needs, circumstances and priorities are changing quickly, it’s crucial that companies know what their customers find important and take action to make changes to fit those unique needs.

Qualtrics’ CX platform allows organizations to listen to customer feedback wherever their customers are — through surveys, online reviews, call center conversations, social media and more. With that data at their fingertips, companies can better understand how their customers are feeling and what action they need to take to better their brands and products to fit changing consumer needs in a competitive market.

In the third quarter, the following organizations chose Qualtrics to better understand peoples’ emotions, effort and intent to create more personal and empathetic experiences:

Endress+Hauser, a leading Swiss-based provider for measurement instruments, services and solutions for industrial process engineering wanted to better understand its customers and employees so that it could better plan for its growth. Working with SAP and select partners, Qualtrics will be able to provide Endress+Hauser with a solution that makes the feedback they receive from both customers and employees more actionable, allowing them to make changes in real-time to deliver excellent service and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

L.L. Bean, a leading outdoor retail brand and a longtime customer of Qualtrics, added to its Qualtrics CX capabilities in Q3 to provide access to coaching resources for customer service agents and improve its customers’ digital shopping experience. These enhanced services will empower employees across L.L. Bean’s business, including in stores and call centers, with the ability to immediately take action to improve customer experiences.

VinFast, a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicles, is investing in the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform to capture deep customer and market insights guiding its international expansion. Using Qualtrics CustomerXM, BrandXM and Social Connect, VinFast is able to bring together customer feedback, social media data and brand data to understand unique customer needs, and how its customer experience and brand awareness compare to competitors across Asia, North America, and Europe. In the long run, this will be helping the business deliver the products, services, and experiences customers want in the new markets it is entering.

Covenant Physician Partners, Inc., a national network of ambulatory surgery centers and physician practices selected Qualtrics to help their organization improve the patient experience, especially as it continues to grow and scale. With Qualtrics’ industry-leading, flexible solutions enabling it to conduct in-moment listening, develop action plans, and close the loop with patients at scale, Covenant Physician Partners will be better able to serve patients, families and communities.

The State of Missouri selected Qualtrics for its state-wide modernization program to improve the customer experience of its more than 6 million citizens. To better serve its residents and business partners, state agencies will implement Qualtrics to gather feedback at key moments of service across physical and digital channels, including on government websites, via QR codes and at tablet kiosks at service offices. The goal is to streamline the state’s customer experience data collection and analysis across the executive agencies on the Qualtrics XM platform, with insights and recommended actions at an agency level that will flow to a state-level dashboard.

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