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New AI-Powered Innovations Empower Leaders to Lower Costly Employee Attrition and Lift Productivity With Strategic, Informed Action

New AI-powered solutions across the Qualtrics XM for Employee Experience suite enable leaders to understand employees more deeply, recognize meaningful trends and deliver a measurable impact on business results

Qualtrics XM for Employee Experience now provides instant summaries of feedback, interactive assistance, and personalized recommendations so managers can take the right actions to improve retention, engagement and productivity

Last updated:  May 1, 2024

QUALTRICS X4, SALT LAKE CITY, May 1, 2024 – Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, today unveiled new product innovations in its XM for Employee Experience™ suite that use cutting-edge technology and machine learning to identify employees at risk for attrition, summarize employee feedback into personalized recommended actions for managers, and recognize meaningful behavioral signals across the employee journey impacting engagement and productivity.

Powered by Qualtrics® AI, these new solutions pair the power of generative AI with the world’s largest database of human sentiment to help managers and people leaders elevate workforce engagement, increase retention and champion productivity. Organizations can improve their understanding of every employee, no matter where or when they work, and spend less time analyzing data and more time taking strategic action. Qualtrics XM for Employee Experience offers people intelligence for new levels of insight, and leveraging predictive analytics to solve critical business problems.

“Thousands of organizations across the globe are improving their employee experience using Qualtrics, and the new AI capabilities announced today will enable companies to unlock even more value,” said Brad Anderson, President of Product, UX and Engineering at Qualtrics. “With Qualtrics AI it’s easier and faster than ever for leaders and managers to identify and deliver the employee experience their teams need to do their best work, which will help lead to high-performing, highly engaged, productive, and loyal teams.”

With XM for Employee Experience, leaders can improve employee productivity and decrease costly turnover. New capabilities include:

Identifying attrition drivers in the workforce. Qualtrics’ new drivers of attrition solution combines organizational attrition data with employee experience feedback to understand what is causing employees to leave their jobs. For example, it can pinpoint friction in the onboarding process that is causing new hires to leave quickly. Ready-to-use dashboards allow leaders to quickly recognize and address poor experiences with employees before they decide to quit. With these insights, leaders can proactively build retention strategies, prevent future turnover, and ultimately drive business results.
Anonymizing and summarizing employee comments from open-text survey responses to gain insights that cannot be gleaned through multiple choice questions. Now with Qualtrics AI, managers can recognize the most important issues for their team and save time from synthesizing individual comments manually, all while protecting employee privacy and reducing the risk of bias from identifying commenters. This also benefits managers of small teams, who previously never saw this valuable feedback to maintain employee confidentiality.
Getting deeper, actionable insights from EX results with Qualtrics Assist™ . Managers and leaders can leverage Qualtrics Assist for deeper insights and trends from team feedback. People leaders can ask simple, natural-language questions about their results. Qualtrics helps them better understand team sentiment and prioritize actions to increase engagement and productivity.
Recommending personalized actions in response to employee feedback to enhance employee engagement, retention and productivity. Just 43% of individual contributors say they have seen positive changes in response to employee feedback, according to Qualtrics research, highlighting the need for specific and targeted action. These recommendations will be further improved by Qualtrics AI enriched with EX methodology, which will provide tailored guidance that evolves with team dynamics and context directly in the workflow to help managers and leaders take decisive and informed action.

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Additional Information
The drivers of attrition solution, Qualtrics Assist, and employee comment summaries are currently in private preview.

Personalized action recommendations powered by Qualtrics AI will be available in early 2025.

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Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, is a cloud-native software platform that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional experiences and build deep relationships with their customers and employees. With insights from Qualtrics, organizations can identify and resolve the greatest friction points in their business, retain and engage top talent, and bring the right products and services to market. Nearly 20,000 organizations around the world use Qualtrics’ advanced AI to listen, understand, and take action. Qualtrics uses its vast universe of experience data to form the largest database of human sentiment in the world. Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle. To learn more, please visit