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New Qualtrics and UPS Alliance Helps Small and Midsized Businesses Improve Their Customer Experiences

Last updated:  April 25, 2022

Qualtrics’ Delighted is the first experience management solution available in the UPS® Digital Connections program

Collaboration will help fast-growing companies better understand and personalize their customer experiences, from individualized marketing to purchase and returns

PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE, April 25, 2022 – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM) announced a new alliance with UPS (NYSE: UPS), to make Qualtrics’ Delighted experience management solutions immediately available to UPS small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers. Businesses can now access Delighted customer experience software as part of the UPS Digital Connections program, a one-stop-shop that helps UPS customers integrate with leading technology and services to accelerate their growth.

Through this collaboration, UPS Digital Connections participants can use Delighted to gather in-the-moment customer feedback over email, their website or app, and even post-delivery. Delighted AI automates the feedback process – from scheduling surveys to analyzing feedback and generating dashboards and reports – so SMB owners can improve their customer experiences faster than ever. In a time when customers are switching providers and brands at record rates, every experience that a company delivers can impact their bottom line. The ability to understand how customers are thinking and feeling about their interactions with a company, and then act on that experience data, creates a competitive advantage for SMBs.

Delighted makes it easier for SMBs to deliver incredible customer experiences

Delighted, acquired by Qualtrics in 2018, offers fast and easy ways for companies to act on customer feedback, allowing new businesses to quickly set up a customer experience program during their most critical growth periods. DoorDash, Instacart and Allbirds, and tens of thousands of other high-growth companies and SMBs have used Delighted to transform their customer experience programs.

Inclusion in the UPS Digital Connections program, which offers monetary assistance to purchase top digital solutions like Delighted, will enable high-growth startups and SMBs to invest earlier in technology that helps them develop relationships with their customers.

For example, businesses can use Delighted to understand how customers feel about their delivery. Combined with post-delivery customer feedback, Delighted can show them which factors create a positive or negative delivery experience, such as delivery type (in-person, left at door), delay time, delivery day, delivery provider, and more. Delighted can automatically route reports and alerts directly to the correct service teams and SMBs can connect Delighted to their help desk, CRM, and other mission-critical apps, enabling them serve customers faster.

“Founders and business owners need to continuously listen to their customers and act on their feedback to create meaningful relationships as they scale,” said Caleb Elston, Delighted co-founder and CEO. “Our alliance with UPS will give thousands of new businesses the ability to leverage experience data to connect with customers, predict early trends and stay ahead of the market.”

“The goal of the UPS® Digital Connections program is to help level the highly competitive e-commerce playing field and provide more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) access to UPS and new digital platforms to enhance various aspects of their business and grow their customer base,” said Felicia Allen, UPS President of U.S. Marketing. “Businesses must measure how every step of their customer journey impacts their customer satisfaction, including last-mile delivery. Delighted offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to implement a customer experience program across every channel and take action on customer feedback.”


Delighted is available to UPS customers as part of the UPS Digital Connections program today.

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