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New Qualtrics Collaboration with Epic Brings Experience Data to the Comprehensive Health Record

Qualtrics patient experience data will be integrated with Epic to support personalized, empathetic care

Last updated:  December 5, 2023

FORBES HEALTHCARE SUMMIT, New York (Dec. 5, 2023) – Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced a new collaboration with Epic, the market leader in comprehensive health record (CHR) technology. Together, the two companies will integrate patients’ experience data from Qualtrics directly with their health information in Epic, making it easier for providers to offer a more personal healthcare experience for millions of patients.

“Healthcare has done a remarkable job advancing the science of clinical care, and now this collaboration will fuse the emotional experience of care – and responsiveness to it – into healthcare delivery,” said Qualtrics’ Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy. “Being able to bring Qualtrics AI and natural language processing capabilities to the millions of patients Epic touches is game changing as we amplify the value of experiences to patients and providers alike.”

Epic is one of the largest providers of health information technology for health systems, pharmacies, medical schools, retail clinics, and health plans across the United States. Qualtrics is the largest provider of experience management across all industries. Patients bring expectations from other industries into all interactions with healthcare, and the Qualtrics-Epic integration will help providers meet and exceed those expectations—whether in person at a clinic, during a virtual visit at home, or while checking test results online.

“With deep experience across consumer industries, Qualtrics brings a broad perspective to healthcare,” said Alan Hutchison, vice president at Epic. “We create software that connects healthcare to improve outcomes, and Qualtrics provides insights that improve the patient experience. Together, our collaboration will help members of the Epic community exceed patients’ evolving expectations.”

The integration will thoughtfully put patient experience insights at the fingertips of providers and frontline staff, adding an additional layer of understanding to each step in the healthcare journey. For example, if a patient indicates that they are increasingly frustrated with scheduling an appointment, Qualtrics will detect and analyze that sentiment and flag it for the proper teams through Epic, who can then engage the patient, and resolve the issue. By connecting feedback to health data, the partnership enables a more responsive and personal experience, which is core to both relationships and outcomes in healthcare. The integration will also streamline the exchange of data required to satisfy regulatory reporting, like HCAHPS.

“We are excited that Epic and Qualtrics are partnering to deliver patient-centered care and empathy driving action,” said Julie Spencer Washington, EVP, Chief Marketing, Communications & Customer Experience Officer at Trinity Health. “To improve the patient experience and health outcomes, we need the full picture of every patient, including the emotions involved with each interaction. This partnership will allow healthcare providers to improve listening and deepen understanding with the intention of delivering a more holistic patient experience.”

“This exciting integration between Qualtrics and Epic will drive more holistic, patient-centric care at scale,” said Craig Richardville, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Intermountain Health. “For an enriched patient experience and improved outcomes, healthcare providers must be empowered to understand and act on the entire patient experience, and this collaboration makes that possible.”

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Qualtrics helps healthcare and life sciences organizations design experiences that improve satisfaction, loyalty, and trust. Qualtrics helps organizations deliver a seamless and compassionate healthcare experience by optimizing the moments that matter most to patients, employees, and communities. Qualtrics delivers the most comprehensive platform for strategic experience management, helping healthcare organizations listen to patients and employees on their terms, uncover what matters most and act quickly to create meaningful impact. In doing so, experience data can be paired with quality, operational and financial data to articulate real value. The AI-powered solutions help leaders understand the key drivers of patient and employee behavior, predict what they want and automate actions that make it faster, easier, and more efficient to personalize experiences at scale. Qualtrics is a CMS-approved vendor for all required CAHPS programs, and a HITRUST-certified and FEDRAMP-compliant experience management platform, so organizations can confidently collect and analyze data knowing sensitive information is secure. To learn more, please visit

About Qualtrics
Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, is a cloud-native software platform that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional experiences and build deep relationships with their customers and employees. With insights from Qualtrics, organizations can identify and resolve the greatest friction points in their business, retain and engage top talent, and bring the right products and services to market. Nearly 20,000 organizations around the world use Qualtrics’ advanced AI to listen, understand, and take action. Qualtrics uses its vast universe of experience data to form the largest database of human sentiment in the world. Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle. To learn more, please visit