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New Qualtrics Quality Management Improves Contact Center Performance and Agent Retention

Last updated:  June 21, 2022

Industry-leading text analytics uncover the agent behaviors that most impact customer satisfaction and loyalty

A majority of customer service agents aren’t incentivized to offer personalized, empathetic service, according to new Qualtrics research, and ⅓ say they don’t believe their performance is fairly evaluated

PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE (June 21, 2022) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category, today announced Qualtrics Quality Management (Qualtrics QM), a new AI-powered and human-assisted quality assurance solution that gives contact center leaders critical AI-powered insights on customer needs, agent effectiveness, and overall performance so they can act quickly to improve the customer experience, reduce operational costs and compliance risk and better evaluate their agents’ performance.

The quality of customer support delivered by contact center agents has a direct impact on customer loyalty. 43% of consumers say they would switch brands after a single negative customer service interaction. Amid increased customer expectations and high agent turnover, organizations are struggling to improve customer service and deliver consistent quality across multiple service channels.

Many contact center quality assurance (QA) practices today are costly, manual, slow, and biased, typically relying on a QA manager reviewing an average of only 3 to 5 calls per week, per agent.
A new Qualtrics study found that 33% of customer service agents felt their performance was not fairly evaluated and only 41% said they were incentivized to offer personalized, empathetic experiences.

“Contact center teams must transform their quality assurance and agent coaching programs in order to increase customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness while reducing operational costs and compliance risk,” said Fabrice Martin, Chief Product Officer for Qualtrics Customer Care. “No other solution brings together every customer interaction, whether it is handled by an agent or a bot, on a single platform with automatic Intelligent Scoring, coaching insight and integrated workflows needed to provide real-time Quality Management at scale.”

Intelligent Scoring of every interaction, customized coaching insights, and integrated workflows power innovative approach to QM

Qualtrics QM is powered by Qualtrics’ patent-pending Intelligent Scoring feature, which uses AI to identify key attributes for measuring customer service success –such as problem resolution, friendliness, or compliance– and scores interactions in real time. Through an integration with Qualtrics XM Discover, contact center teams can analyze every interaction, from unstructured feedback like chat and calls to structured survey feedback.

As each interaction is scored, customer service teams can connect workflows to automatically escalate, alert, and notify relevant teams of violations or negative interactions while capturing and reporting back on remediation efforts. In highly regulated industries, quality management and service teams can quickly access dashboards with the data they need to identify and flag compliance risks to prevent expensive fines.

Qualtrics’ QM also automatically curates coaching recommendations and exemplary calls for agents and managers to review and gives them the opportunity to comment on score results. Agents can filter and browse interactions that are scored against key attributes for measuring customer service success, identify self-coaching points, and flag evaluations they don’t think are fair.

Leading organizations tap Qualtrics QM to reduce costs, save time and improve agent attrition rates, saving millions annually

Vera Bradley leverages Qualtrics QM to automatically monitor, assess and score behaviors across 100% of their service representatives’ calls and chats. Qualtrics QM addresses previous gaps in quality scoring and improves its quality assurance program scalability, uncovers new training opportunities and boosts agent engagement.


Qualtrics QM is generally available today and is already helping multiple Fortune 100 companies, deliver better customer and service agent experiences.

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Learn more about Qualtrics Quality Management on our website.

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