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Okinawa City Chooses SAP and Qualtrics to Put Residents at the Center of Vaccine Operations

Last updated:  May 27, 2021

PROVO, UT, SEATTLE, and OKINAWA, May 27, 2021 SAP Japan and Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world’s No. 1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, announced today that Okinawa City in Japan has chosen a new platform to manage the vaccination of thousands of city residents. The Vaccine Collaboration Hub (VCH), a vaccination support platform provided by SAP, incorporates Qualtrics solutions that allow the city to manage the logistical aspects of vaccination, as well as track the city’s progress in real time.

Okinawa City began using the Vaccine Collaboration Hub to vaccinate residents in early May. The solution manages a variety of coronavirus vaccination processes, including: making appointments, verifying a person’s identity at the vaccination site, managing the vaccination record, scheduling the second vaccination, and monitoring any adverse reactions.

Making appointments: Residents of Okinawa can make vaccination appointments online, over the phone, or through a Japanese communications app’s automated calling system, LINE AiCall, after May 26th. All scheduled appointments are managed on a central platform, which, in turn, allows the city to secure the necessary number of staff required for each vaccination day.


Verifying identity at the vaccination site: Once IDs have been checked, residents can scan their vaccination ticket with a special tablet, which will input the ticket information electronically and allow them to proceed.

Record management: Once a resident has been vaccinated, they once again scan their vaccination ticket with the tablet, and the vaccination date, vaccine lot number, and information about the healthcare professional who administered the vaccination are entered electronically into the system. This data is then automatically displayed on a dashboard managed by Okinawa City, where the city can monitor vaccination in real time. The data will also be reflected in the Vaccination Record System (VRS) managed by the government.

Scheduling a second vaccination: Residents can make an appointment for their second vaccination directly following their first appointment. An appointment reminder for the second vaccination will be sent to the residents via LINE AiCall and email three days before the appointment.


Monitoring of adverse reactions: Residents who have been vaccinated are asked to fill out a web-based questionnaire to report any adverse reactions. Okinawa City will use the results of the questionnaire to monitor and create a panorama of the city’s vaccination progress, sharing data with the public, as needed.


Residents also fill out a feedback questionnaire about their vaccination experience while at the site, allowing the city to improve the process for making an appointment, wait time for vaccination, guidance within the venue, access to the venue, and many other issues. The results of the questionnaires will be used to improve processes for future operations.

Through the provision of these vaccination support mechanisms, SAP Japan and Qualtrics are helping to promote the smooth and efficient vaccination of citizens.

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