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Qualtrics Announces General Availability of new AI-Powered Qualitative Research Tools That Provide Smarter, Faster Insights

New Generative-AI powered Automated Summaries for Video Feedback provide key insights and themes from hours of customer submitted video in seconds

New In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups solutions enable insights professionals to easily identify key patterns, themes and sentiment from customers and prospects feedback, informing future strategy while drastically reducing manual effort in transcription and analysis

Last updated:  August 15, 2023

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (Aug 15, 2023) – Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category, announced the general availability of Qualtrics® Automated Summaries for Video Feedback, along with In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups. These new purpose-built video feedback solutions use generative AI, real-time analytics and predictive insights to help organizations conduct smarter, faster research, grow market share and respond faster to the needs of their customers. Insights from these video feedback solutions are automatically added to unique profiles in Qualtrics Experience iD (XiD), providing organizations a complete picture of how individuals and segments of customers and prospects engage with their products and services.

Tell Data-Driven Stories that Drive Business Action

Qualitative research typically relies on experts to moderate and analyze in-person interviews and focus groups, with researchers manually organizing and interpreting the data for weeks at a time. Today’s consumers are accustomed to online video platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and even Zoom – and the accelerating pace of digital transformation has made it possible to move qualitative research online and deliver summaries in seconds, not weeks.

Qualtrics Qualitative Research is a cutting edge suite of tools purpose-built to bring together qualitative research with digital channels, giving researchers deeper insights, richer context, and new ways to tell stories with data that truly resonate with stakeholders. Qualtrics Video Feedback can capture six times more content than traditional open-end text responses, while also providing a richer understanding of feedback by allowing a researcher to see a user’s facial expressions and hear the tone of voice.

Customers like DISH Network have used Qualtrics Video Feedback to give customers an alternative to simple surveys, enabling their teams to capture qualitative customer feedback in the form of video responses, bringing consumers’ thoughts and feelings to life.

With new Automated Summaries powered by Qualtrics XM/os2, researchers can now instantly analyze hours of video submissions and generate key themes, top quotes and insights, reducing the time they spend manually summarizing associated video responses while generating instant summaries that can be shared and understood across the organization. These unbiased summaries incorporate verbatim quotes that relate to each theme, allowing researchers to ensure each summary is accurate and relevant.

The insights generated from Video Feedback help organizations make informed decisions on future business strategy, influencing policy or product design choices.

Deeply Understand Customers’ Thoughts and Emotions

Focus groups are a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to gather feedback and insights from a targeted group on a specific topic, but traditionally require in-person participation and manual transcription and analysis, which is costly, time consuming and labor-intensive.

With Qualtrics In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups, researchers can upload and transcribe multiple longform videos of individuals or focus groups, and Qualtrics AI will surface the most important keywords, topics and sentiment in seconds.

In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups include multi-speaker identification that can differentiate individual speakers in the transcripts, allowing researchers to easily summarize feedback from multiple individuals.

Researchers can consolidate, share and collaborate using insights from these longform videos alongside other qualitative and quantitative research and data within the Qualtrics platform, making it even easier to uncover market trends, track changing behaviors, identify and use research insights to make strategic decisions and investments.

“Collecting customer feedback and product insights is essential in the rapidly changing digital landscape. It helps businesses stay competitive, spot trends, and seize market opportunities,” said Qualtrics President of Product, User Experience and Engineering, Brad Anderson. “Qualtrics’ AI-powered Qualitative Research solutions and Experience iD consolidate quantitative and qualitative research with powerful analytics, enabling organizations to make informed decisions on future product, policy, and design choices that increase customer satisfaction and revenue.”

Get started with Qualtrics Qualitative Research today by requesting a demo.

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