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Qualtrics Announces Spotlight Insights to Give Leaders Automated and Actionable Insights on Employee Feedback

Last updated:  May 27, 2021

Spotlight Insights accelerates speed to insights by automatically identifying areas for improvement and recommends where actions can be taken to enhance the employee experience

PROVO, UT and SEATTLE May 27, 2021– Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world’s No. 1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, today announced Spotlight Insights—giving HR teams and leaders automated and actionable insights based on real-time feedback from employees. Instead of taking weeks to analyze and filter through feedback data, Spotlight Insights saves both time and money by automatically identifying areas for improvement and recommends where actions can be taken to enhance the employee experience.

Putting the Power of Understanding to Work 

Increasing employee engagement requires action. A recent Qualtrics study illustrates a gap in employee feedback programs with 92% of employees saying feedback is important to them, but only 7% say their organization actually takes action on the feedback they give.  

Traditional employee listening programs can’t keep pace with the speed of workplace change happening today. HR leaders and people analytics teams are faced with sorting through mountains of employee feedback data—a sometimes overwhelming process that can take weeks of analysis to uncover actionable insights and determine where they should focus their efforts. 

In a matter of minutes, Spotlight Insights can automatically surface insights that help HR teams and leaders identify and prioritize the most promising areas of improvement in the employee experience—including diversity and inclusion, manager effectiveness, and communication from leadership. Spotlight Insights provides answers to questions related to increases or drops in employee engagement, differences in gender groups, or perception gaps between high performers and others. These insights empower leaders to quickly hone in on what matters most to their employees and take effective actions to improve the experience they are delivering.  

Helping Leaders Determine the Right Experience for Employees

Brands from around the world are using Spotlight Insights to determine where they should focus engagement efforts to create a better experience for their workforce.

“The key to employee engagement is listening and acting. At ATB Financial we want the voice of our team members to be heard throughout the organization,” said Simon Davies, Senior Research Manager, ATB Financial. “With Qualtrics and Spotlight Insights we are starting to quickly identify where our team members want to see changes, leveraging focus area top opportunities, and then taking deeper actions to identify specific target segments where insights present the greatest impact.”  

Spotlight Insights helped inform Qualtrics’ own future work experience strategy. Deep insights that normally take HR and specifically people analytics teams weeks to process were produced in a matter of minutes. The leadership team was able to take a deep look into employee data and gain insights needed to help create the right strategy for the company. 

“Listening is a start, but acting is where real change happens. Leaders need a simple and quick way to identify opportunity areas and create action plans to improve experiences,” said Julia Anas, Chief People Officer, Qualtrics. “Qualtrics Spotlight Insights has been a massive value add for our company as we developed our own future work experience strategy — saving us weeks of time on analytics and accelerating our ability to get to the heart of what our employees need.” 

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