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Qualtrics Announces XM Breakthrough Artist Awards to Celebrate Teams Designing Breakthrough Experiences and Delivering Breakthrough Business Results

American Express, Coca-Cola, Belkin, L.L.Bean, and SoFi are the 2019 winners across customer, employee, product, and brand categories

Last updated:  March 7, 2019

SALT LAKE CITY and SEATTLEMarch 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, today announced the 2019 XM Breakthrough Artist Awards at X4: The Experience Management Summit. The annual award honors brands that have transformed the way data is used to create breakthrough experiences for their customers and employees that translate into breakthrough business results.

“We created the XM Breakthrough Artist Awards to recognize brands that are using experience data to change the trajectory of their business and deliver breakthrough results,” said Ryan Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Qualtrics. “We’ve met thousands of customers that have shown us how instrumenting their business with experience data is advancing the trajectory of their organizations. These awards are an opportunity for us to recognize these companies, from established brands to young startups. Congratulations to American Express, Coca-Cola, Belkin, SoFiand L.L.Bean for being this year’s breakthrough artists.”

The 2019 XM Breakthrough Artist Award winners include:

Customer Experience (CX) Breakthrough Artist Winner: American Express
American Express developed a dynamic customer feedback system that was embedded across its organization to help deliver superior service for both their B2B and B2C businesses. As a result, their teams were able to better inform leadership on strategic initiatives with greater visibility into the customer digital experience and further empower their Customer Care Professionals to deliver more personalized and timely experiences. In addition, American Express increased their Net Promoter Score year-over-year to the highest it’s been in the company’s history.

Employee Experience (EX) Breakthrough Artist Winner: Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola built an entirely new employee experience program on Qualtrics that was implemented across their entire organization called “Performance Enablement.” Unlike traditional employee experience programs, Performance Enablement focuses on a flexible, personalized, and highly communicative approach designed for a more agile and productive organization. This includes aspects such as building individual skills, pursuing flexible direction, adopting a collaborative approach, utilizing frequent coaching and support, providing ongoing visibility of impact, and leveraging better and faster data processing and reporting for decision-making. As a result, Coca-Cola workforce productivity has dramatically increased to its highest level in 20 years.

Product Experience (PX) Breakthrough Artist Winner: Belkin
As a consumer electronics manufacturer, Belkin’s customer experience is primarily defined by the interaction their customers have with Belkin products. Belkin leveraged the Qualtrics XM Platform™ to implement a fully automated mechanism to collect, aggregate, and track product insights in real-time across all stages of the customer journey. By embedding Qualtrics into Belkin’s existing technology stack, Belkin achieved several results. Its product teams intervened post-product launch and successfully closed an $80 million gap against sales targets. Additionally, Belkin reduced support call volume by 5% year-over-year, saw a 30-point improvement in post-sales call Net Promoter Scores, and its products’ Amazon ratings improved from 2.8 to 4.7 stars in its first year – and became the #1 recommended product for the category on Amazon.

Brand Experience (BX) Breakthrough Artist Winner: Social Finance (“SoFi”)
SoFi entered the financial services market in 2011 to provide more affordable options for those taking on debt to fund their education. With Qualtrics, SoFi has developed the most rigorous and innovative methodologies for measuring, tracking and acting on their brand performance, including: integrating external market indicators, incorporating social media data, and tracking awareness and advertising performance in real-time, all to help double their customer count and transition to a full-service financial provider.

Experience Management (XM) Breakthrough Artist Winner: L.L.Bean 
In 2017 L.L.Bean went through the rigorous process of developing a clear definition of their target customers — Outdoor Family Enthusiasts — refocusing their brand, and delivering meaningful products and experiences to them. They leveraged the Qualtrics XM Platform to gain deeper insights into this target market, collected digital feedback to refine their product assortments and make smart buying decisions, and tracked shopper feedback in their growing network of retail outlets. L.L.Bean now delivers a unified experience to Outdoor Family Enthusiasts across customer, brand, and product, unlike anything they have provided before. With experience data, they have improved their supply chain, made data-driven advertising decisions, and increased their number of new and returning customers, beating their original estimates.

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