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Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances Solution Drives Efficiency, Quality and Experience of Care

Last updated:  August 30, 2023

Best in class solution expands holistic listening to complaints and grievances while maintaining compliance, streamlining operations and amplifying relationships

Co-designer and early adopter Stanford Health Care uses data to address individual patient concerns and to quickly inform systemic improvements

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (Aug. 30, 2023) – Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category, today announced the launch of the Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution to enhance how healthcare organizations approach quality of care improvements. Enhanced Qualtrics® XM Platform® capabilities will help providers better manage patient feedback cycles with holistic listening and actionable insights that improve the patient experience, build emotional connections and ease the regulatory burden on patient relations teams.

Regulations exist for how grievances are defined and expectations for how organizations respond to them. In general, if a concern cannot be resolved at the point of care or is in a written format, it is considered a formal grievance and must be responded to in writing. Subsequently, many healthcare organizations have multiple systems and processes for receiving and responding to concerns reported by patients, their loved ones and even the employees themselves. These concerns are often managed by very small patient relations teams, and fragmented approaches leave organizations at risk for financial penalties and legal fees, in addition to staff burnout. At the same time, recent Qualtrics research reported 61% of patients feel that healthcare providers need to do a better job at listening to their feedback.

Healthcare providers will now be able to rely on the Qualtrics XM Platform to help them deliver high quality patient care by standardizing and streamlining how they manage complaints and grievances. A dynamic system for listening, acting and reporting will help organizations deliver better care, build affinity and loyalty, and adhere to regulatory requirements.

A compliant and compassionate solution to complaint and grievance management

Managing complaints and grievances requires healthcare organizations to use workflows designed to collect patient complaints, track and address them in compliance with industry regulations, and deliver reports to key internal stakeholders and regulatory agencies. This time-intensive and sensitive process requires outreach and input among many teams, as well as thorough documentation in a protected, secure and separate system from the patient’s medical record. The Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution eases this process by consolidating multiple case management and communication tools into a single system, for an integrated approach that reduces redundancy and streamlines case management.

By taking advantage of the solution’s automated workflows for the multi-stage review processes required by complaints and grievances, healthcare providers will be able to track the lifecycle of a case, stratify risk, manage caseload amongst their staff and identify moments to take action for more real-time service needs. A quick implementation and the flexibility to configure the new solution within hours will enable healthcare leaders to effectively set up an intelligent system to improve the patient experience and meet time-sensitive, regulatory requirements.

“Imagine the emotional impact a healthcare experience has to have on someone for them to write out a two page letter about it. Part of how we achieve a reduction in harm is being inclusive of emotional harm – not just physical harm – and complaints and grievances are a key data source,” said Dr. Adrienne Boissy, Qualtrics Chief Medical Officer. “With the Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution, we take one massive step forward to holistic listening to experience data and have created all the thoughtful, secure design it needs.”

The Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution brings together experience data, automated workflows, and user-friendly dashboards and reports to empower healthcare organizations to use data insights to create a more meaningful healthcare experience where patients feel heard and valued, and that their providers acted on their concerns with empathy and speed.

Stanford Health Care co-innovates with Qualtrics to get more actionable data

Stanford Health Care worked with Qualtrics to modernize and unify its experience management program for patients and employees onto a single platform that is digitally-driven and value-focused. As a co-innovator and early adopter of the Qualtrics Complaints and Grievances solution, Stanford Health Care is using the tool to address and learn from individual patient concerns, which will inform strategic and systemic improvements.

Since rolling out the Complaints and Grievances solution in April, Stanford Health Care has achieved more effective listening across multiple channels with 11% of patients now sharing concerns online versus a phone call or mail, resulting in a 30% reduction in open cases and improved staff efficiency. The solution has also led to an enhanced user experience, improved reporting and greater transparency between teams.

“Improving the patient experience starts with our ability to listen in and understand all patient concerns,” said Alpa Vyas, Vice President and Chief Patient Experience Officer at Stanford Health Care. “Complaint and grievance management is not about a score or a ranking; it’s about understanding what matters to our patients and providing our teams with the tools and insights to improve care. Stanford Health Care is always working to deliver excellent care.”

About Qualtrics XM for Healthcare

Qualtrics helps healthcare and life sciences organizations design experiences that improve satisfaction, loyalty and trust. Qualtrics helps organizations deliver a seamless and compassionate healthcare experience by optimizing the moments that matter most to patients, employees and communities. Qualtrics delivers the most comprehensive platform for strategic experience management, helping healthcare organizations listen to patients and employees on their terms, uncover what matters most and act quickly to create meaningful impact. In doing so, experience data can be paired with quality, operational and financial data to articulate real value. The AI-powered solutions help leaders understand the key drivers of patient and employee behavior, predict what they want and automate actions that make it faster, easier and more efficient to personalize experiences at scale. Qualtrics is a CMS-approved vendor for all required CAHPS programs, and the only HITRUST-certified and FEDRAMP-compliant experience management platform on the market, so organizations can confidently collect and analyze data knowing sensitive information is secure. To learn more, please visit

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, is a cloud-native software provider that helps organizations quickly identify and resolve points of friction across all digital and human touchpoints in their business – so they can retain their best customers and employees, protect their revenue, and drive profitability. More than 18,750 organizations around the world use Qualtrics’s advanced AI to listen, understand, and take action. Qualtrics uses its vast universe of experience data to form the largest database of human sentiment in the world. Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle, and operates out of 28 offices globally. To learn more, please visit

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