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Qualtrics Completes IRAP Assessment and Establishes Dedicated Public Sector Business Unit in Australia & New Zealand

Last updated:  September 21, 2021

Qualtrics is expanding its public sector operations to help governments throughout the region improve the experiences they deliver to their residents and employees

Qualtrics is used by more than 150 government departments and agencies in Australia and New Zealand, and more than 750 globally

SYDNEY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world’s No.1 Experience Management (XM) provider and creator of the XM category, today announced an expansion of its public sector operations in Australia and New Zealand to help all levels of government manage and improve the experiences they deliver to residents and employees.

The Qualtrics Experience Management Platform has been independently assessed through the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) up to and including the PROTECTED level. This assessment includes Qualtrics’ entire selection of experience management and research technologies – including CustomerXM™, EmployeeXM™, and DesignXM™ – which enable customers to deliver better experiences for their residents and employees by confidently and quickly understanding and addressing their needs across multiple engagement channels.

Building on the company’s plans to significantly grow its local operations, Qualtrics has established a dedicated Public Sector business unit in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The Public Sector business unit – led by John Preller, Head of ANZ Public Sector – consists of a country-wide team responsible for providing all levels of government with industry-specific capabilities, expertise, and on-going support.

The combination of the Qualtrics Public Sector team – supported by a global team of industry-experts – and completion of an independent IRAP assessment provides every government department and agency with the ability to quickly, confidently, and securely deliver world-class experiences for their residents and employees at scale.

“Adopting a resident-centric approach that puts people first and continually designs experiences and initiatives around individual needs must be a priority for every government department and agency in Australia and New Zealand,” said Brigid Archibald, Managing Director for Qualtrics in Asia Pacific and Japan.

“Not only do residents and employees have higher expectations than ever before, the types of services and support being delivered by governments are critical as we adapt for our post-pandemic future. By ensuring the experience is positive in each individual engagement – whether it’s getting access to someone’s COVID vaccination status or accessing council information – governments will encourage adoption, lasting usage, and ultimately trust among residents, as well as improve wellbeing, productivity, and engagement among their teams,” added Archibald.

“To ensure residents and employees feel safe, supported, and enabled in today’s fast changing environments every government needs the ability to identify and deliver the experiences people want and expect. As governments in Australia and New Zealand – and across the world – turn to Qualtrics to help them improve the experiences they provide to residents and employees, today’s announcement demonstrates our commitment and dedicated capabilities to help them on their journeys,” said John Preller.

Qualtrics is used by more than 750 government departments and agencies globally, including more than 150 in Australia and New Zealand.

The Qualtrics Experience Management (XM) Platform is used by over 13,500 organisations globally, and throughout the pandemic has helped various governments, schools, universities, and other organisations to reach 100M+ residents across 25,000 COVID programs that involve screening, appointment scheduling, testing, QR scans, and validations. Most recently, Qualtrics launched Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager, which enables employees to upload images of their vaccination status, recent COVID test results, or proof of exemption, in order to comply with related policies.

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