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Qualtrics Partners With the DAISY Foundation™ to Honor Nurses Around the World

Last updated:  March 14, 2023

The DAISY Foundation has honored over 200,000 nurses in more than 35 countries and territories

Qualtrics partners with the DAISY Foundation to help healthcare organizations operationalize and scale nursing recognition programs

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (March 14, 2023) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced a new partnership with the DAISY Foundation to make it easier for healthcare organizations around the world to recognize and honor nurses providing standout care. Qualtrics already helps healthcare entities improve how they listen, understand and act on experience data – and now they can more effectively and scalably recognize nurses when they receive positive feedback, building a culture of empathy, service excellence and gratitude.

Qualtrics will add a new automated workflow that prompts patients after receiving care from a nurse to provide feedback on their care and submit their nurse for a DAISY Award®. By enabling healthcare organizations to power sustainable nursing recognition programs as part of their broader patient and employee experience management strategy – and making it easy for patients to submit a nomination right after receiving care – Qualtrics will drive new DAISY Award submissions and embed moments of gratitude into operations.

With Qualtrics research revealing that 38% of healthcare workers are at risk of burnout, and just 55% of nurses believe their manager cares about their well-being, it’s imperative for healthcare organizations to invest in their employees. For nurses, who spend significant portions of time providing physical and emotional care at the bedside, in clinics and even virtually, meaningful recognition can be powerful and personal.

Qualtrics helps healthcare organizations listen to patients across channels, analyze their feedback on their experiences with care, and respond with action quickly and effectively. The DAISY partnership is a natural fit for Qualtrics because, as DAISY evolves from paper to more digital nominations, Qualtrics technology can ensure that every nurse in every unit has the potential to receive a DAISY Award, and access via QR codes makes it easy and convenient.

“Here at the DAISY Foundation, we are passionate about spreading gratitude and meaningful recognition for compassionate, skillful nurses,” said DAISY Foundation Co-Founder Bonnie Barnes. “We are pleased to have found strong, strategic alignment with Qualtrics. We look forward to the collective impact we’ll achieve by helping DAISY partner organizations around the world provide even more recognition to their nurses and enrich their culture of extraordinary care for every single patient.”

“Meaningful recognition matters, and nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare,” said Qualtrics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adrienne Boissy. “With the pressures on nursing so pervasive and detrimental, every single healthcare organization is focused on keeping their nursing staff – and keeping them engaged. By partnering with the DAISY Foundation – and with our recent hire of nursing, quality and patient experience leader Dr. Denise Venditti, DNP, MHA, RN, CPXP into the role of industry advisor – Qualtrics is making bold and meaningful investments in the profession and in nurses everywhere.”

“I’ve experienced and seen firsthand what a difference receiving positive feedback from those who matter can make on the lives of nurses,” said Dr. Denise Venditti, healthcare industry advisor at Qualtrics. “With burnout and attrition rates stubbornly high, meaningful recognition helps organizations tie nurses back to their purpose and create an environment that supports extraordinary care and nurse well-being.”

The DAISY Foundation was founded in 1999 to express gratitude to nurses through meaningful recognition. It was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, a patient who passed away after an 8-week hospitalization. The DAISY Award honors nurses wherever they practice, wherever they are in their careers, internationally. To date, over 2.5 million nominations have been submitted by patients, families and colleagues in more than 35 countries and territories, and over 200,000 nurses have been honored in more than 5,600 healthcare organizations and schools of nursing. With multiple award categories from nursing student through lifetime achievement, the DAISY Awards positively impact nurse engagement, patient and family experience, and a healthy work environment. Not only do they improve employee satisfaction, well-being, resilience and retention, the awards reinforce patient and family centered care and loyalty while building team spirit and reminding nurses why they became nurses.    

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