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Qualtrics Launches “Work:New.0” Film Series on XM+

Multi-part series explores the future of work through personal stories of everyday choices about life and careers

Last updated:  September 7, 2022

PROVO, Utah & SEATTLE (Sept. 7, 2022) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management category, today announced the launch of “Work:New.0,” a new film series on XM+, the online content destination for business professionals charged with designing and improving customer and employee experiences.

Work:New.0 is a multi-part film series that explores the future of work through intimate stories about people’s career and life choices and commentary from experts and economists about the broad trends they are observing around the globe. The series is among the first documentary style storytelling about a historic shift happening today in the way people work.

The first episode, The Remote Conundrum, features the story of Nkem Nwankwo, a Colorado technology worker who decided to relocate along with his family to rural West Virginia, where he could afford to buy a home, do his job remotely and improve his quality of life.


“Nkem’s story highlights the complexity, depth and nuance of the priorities of the next generation,” said Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin. “Employees around the world are developing completely new sets of beliefs about the experience of work. Over the past two years, we’ve been impressed with companies that have created and strengthened connections with employees while delivering business results. It’s the companies that do both that are best positioned to win.”


Stories like Nwankwo’s illustrate how the societal shift around work has been a catalyst for change in people’s personal lives and careers. The piece includes interviews with world-renowned authorities on work, including journalist Lydia Dishman of Fast Company, economist Issi Romem and Evernote co-founder Phil Libin, who discuss the trade-offs – for housing affordability, social networks and well-being – that have come along with the reshuffling of life and work that is still underway.


“The last two years of work have sort of taught everybody what they want out of work,” Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the founder of theBoardlist, says in the film. “We’ve had a time of incredible flexibility. We know that people are stepping back and saying, ‘I want to go to a place where I have not just flexibility, but values alignment.”


Work: New.0 is available for free to XM+ subscribers. Additional parts of the series will explore the impact of the Great Resignation and the experience of so-called “digital nomads,” who travel while working remotely from wherever they are.


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