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Online Panel Terms of Service

These Qualtrics Online Panel Terms of Service, together with the Qualtrics Research Services Terms of Service located at, govern any statement of work or service order between you and Qualtrics.

  1. Customer is not permitted to collect any panel member’s personal information, such as name, email address, physical address, or phone number (“Personal Information”). Where Customer collects Personal Information, Qualtrics is strictly a data processor, not a data controller, for the processing of the data in order to provide the Services. Each party shall comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including applicable data privacy laws (in Qualtrics’ case, as a data processor, and in Customer’s case, as a data controller).
  2. Qualtrics is not required to disclose to Customer any Personal Information of respondents related to the Project, except as permitted by law and in accordance with these terms, in which case Customer shall maintain the confidentiality of any Personal Information disclosed to it. Customer shall comply with all applicable laws related to the data collected from respondents.
  3. Unless otherwise specified herein, the location of all targeted respondents shall be at Qualtrics’ sole discretion.
  4. Any criteria that Customer intends to use to judge the validity of qualifying completes (e.g., minimum time spent in survey and attention filters) shall be applied without review by Qualtrics. Qualtrics disclaims responsibility for reviewing Customer’s inputs.
  5. Project feasibility and timeline are based on the inputs (e.g., LOI and IR) provided by Customer without review by Qualtrics. Should such inputs prove to be inaccurate, Qualtrics reserves the right to reassess project feasibility and/or timeline.
  6. Qualtrics will not record partial completes for this Project in Customer’s Qualtrics account. These partial completes will not count against the total good completes (n) requested for the Project. Respondents who do not meet the qualifying criteria outlined in the sample description will be screened out of the survey and will not count towards the total number of paid responses (n) for the Project.