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Research Services Terms of Service

These Qualtrics Research Services Terms and Conditions, together with, as applicable, the Qualtrics Terms of Service located at or the master services agreement between Qualtrics, LLC (“Qualtrics” or “we”) and you (“you”), govern any statement of work or service order between Qualtrics and you (an “Order Form”) to the extent related to a research services project managed by the Qualtrics research services team. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Order Forms executed before April 1, 2021 are subject to the research services terms located at instead of the research services terms on this page.

  1. Definitions
    1. Deliverables” refers to those research service deliverables included in the Project Scope of the Order Form.
    2. Delivery Team” refers to the set of resources assigned by Qualtrics for fulfillment of project scope.
    3. Project” refers to the project that is the cumulation of Deliverables to be provided under the Order Form.
    4. Standard Business Hours” are 0900 to 1700 hours according to the time zone of the office in which Delivery Team is located, unless otherwise agreed to in writing during the Project.

  2. General Assumptions
    1. Unless prior arrangements are made with Qualtrics, Customer must have access to and the right to use a current license to Qualtrics’ Cloud Services and access to any license features necessary to execute the Project.
    2. For the duration of the Project, Customer will provide the Delivery Team with access to Customer’s Qualtrics brand (account) as a brand administrator.
    3. Estimated pricing in the Order Form is based on the original Project scope, and changes to the Project scope may result in additional charges and adjusted estimated timeline and must be approved by both parties.
    4. Data collection may take up to 24 hours to begin after a project manager is assigned and Project specifications have been finalized and confirmed by Customer.
    5. Notwithstanding the pricing set forth in the Order Form, all Projects will have a minimum fee of USD 1000 (as converted into the currency in which the price set forth in the Order Form is given at the established exchange rate on the effective date of the Order Form).

  3. Responsibilities
    1. Delivery Team Responsibilities:
      1. Engages with Customer throughout the Project, keeping Customer informed of timelines and progress toward completion throughout the Project.
      2. Completes all items listed under Delivery Team Responsibilities in Schedule 1 for each Deliverable.
      3. Offers guidance and support required to ensure Customer can fulfill responsibilities listed in Schedule 1 for each Deliverable.
      4. All services will be performed remotely from Delivery Team offices unless noted otherwise in this contract or specifically agreed upon by both parties. Customer is responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses if and as incurred in the course of the Project, in accordance with Qualtrics’ then current travel practices and/or policies.
    2. Customer Responsibilities:
      1. Engages actively throughout the Project, following a cadence decided with Delivery Team during kickoff call; changes or cancellations of any meetings require 24 hours’ notice in order to avoid forfeiture of allotted time.
      2. Manages User Acceptance Testing (“UAT”) process and any special testing requirements, ensuring that each stage of the Project is complete, and the scope of work has been met.
      3. As needed, provides resources to fill all required roles for successful delivery, which may include project sponsorship, signatory, stakeholder management, project coordination, customer experience lead, technical lead, operational support.
      4. Answers questions and clarifies requirements as needed during the Project.
      5. Completes all steps listed under Customer Responsibilities in Schedule 1 for each applicable Deliverable.
      6. Unless otherwise agreed, Customer assumes full responsibility for the program following the Project period, and agrees to maintain all license features, including updates to Deliverables created during the Project, as well as the creation of any new Deliverables, including surveys, dashboards, reports, and sample collection.

  4. Governance
    1. Timing of project start will be mutually agreed between Delivery Team and Customer based on Delivery Team availability and Customer’s milestones.
    2. The Project is complete based on completion of delivery and Customer’s acceptance, per the terms of the Acceptance Criteria section.
    3. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing, all interactions and meetings will be conducted in English, and will be conducted remotely, via phone, email, or videoconference.

  5. Acceptance Criteria
    1. Once a Project phase is completed and the Delivery Team provides notification of the Deliverables for review and approval, the Customer will either (1) confirm the requirements have reasonably been met and sign off on the approval for the next Project phase to begin or (2) reply to the Delivery Team, in writing, detailing the specific requirements that must still be met. Upon mutual agreement, both parties may agree to extend the time period for UAT, though additional time may impact Project timelines and budget and be subject to a Change Order (as defined below).
    2. All Deliverables are reviewed and signed off according to the following process:
      1. After receiving the Deliverable, Customer will provide written sign off or report any issues within 5 business days.
      2. The Delivery Team will correct reported issues within a mutually agreed time frame.
      3. Customer will provide written feedback and raise issues related to the reworked portion of the Deliverable within a mutually agreed time frame, and the Delivery Team will make changes necessary to resolve the issues.
      4. Customer will provide final review and written signoff on the reworked Deliverables within 2 business days.
      5. Deliverables will be considered accepted if the Customer does not provide written notification of Deliverable rejection within the timelines specified above.

  6. Third Party Vendors and Products
    1. Customer remains responsible for their own vendors and third parties providing services related hereto.
    2. Qualtrics is not responsible for third party products obtained by Customer.

  7. Change Orders
    1. If Customer or Delivery Team wishes to change the scope of the Project, they will submit details of the requested change to the other in writing. Delivery Team will, within a reasonable time after such request is received, provide a written estimate to Customer of changes to Project cost, timeline, and/or scope.
    2. Promptly after receipt of the written estimate, Customer and Delivery Team will negotiate and agree in writing on the terms of such change (a “Change Order”). Each Change Order complying with this Section will be considered an amendment to the Order Form.