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Value Assessment Terms and Conditions

Survey Data

Qualtrics, LLC (also referred to as Qualtrics) is conducting online surveys wherein Qualtrics is soliciting information from individual companies, including your employer (also referred to as Company), concerning technology and business plans in order to develop and provide analysis on the estimated impact of technology investments to participating companies. Information collected pursuant to this survey shall be referred to as Feedback. Qualtrics shall use the Feedback to perform analyses of the survey data and then provide the results of the analyses to Company. In addition, Qualtrics may create analyses using aggregated, anonymized Feedback. Analyses may be used for the following purposes:

        a. product improvement (in particular, product features and functionality, workflows and user interfaces) and development of new Qualtrics products and services,

        b. training and developing machine learning algorithms,

        c. improving product performance,

        d. identification of industry trends and developments, creation of indices and anonymous benchmarking

As a condition of accessing the survey, you (also referred to as Participant) acknowledge and agree on behalf of yourself and Company to the terms and conditions as set forth herein. In the event you do not agree or do not have the authority to agree on behalf of Company to all of the terms and conditions set forth herein, please do not enter any information. In consideration of Qualtrics’s selection of Company as a respondent in the survey, Participant and Company agree to be bound to the terms and conditions herein. By providing responses to the survey, by submission of the questionnaire or by clicking the accept button, Participant consents on behalf of Company that any data provided to Qualtrics may be transferred, used and stored by Qualtrics for the purposes and in the way described herein above. All Analyses, results derived from the Feedback, or any response(s) which are not identified as belonging to Company shall be owned by Qualtrics and be treated as the Confidential Information of Qualtrics and Qualtrics shall be entitled to use the foregoing without remuneration of any kind to Participant or Company. Additionally, the benchmarking survey content and questions, and other material identified as Qualtrics Confidential are the confidential information of Qualtrics. The parties shall protect the other party’s respective confidential information from disclosure in accordance with these terms and the terms of any existing Master Services Agreement or General Terms and Conditions between Qualtrics and Company.