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Keeping healthcare systems running at peak performance

To provide the care patients need during the COVID-19 outbreak, healthcare workers need increased support and resources to perform their jobs and keep healthcare systems running at peak performance.

Keeping healthcare workers safe and equipped with the support and resources they need is crucial to providing the care patients require during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the situation continues to evolve and demands on the sector increase, healthcare leaders must be able to do everything possible to prioritize the safety of their employees and clinicians, provide the immediate support and resources needed to treat patients, and understand how to maintain employee well-being and morale. Key to this is enabling administrators and leadership across the healthcare industry to rapidly collect and respond to feedback directly from their frontline workers - and do so at scale.

By adapting to this influx in patient and employee needs, we will see providers take immediate action to deliver speedy and high-quality care for patients and employees alike, optimizing the patient experience.

Keeping healthcare supplies stocked

The sudden and growing influx of COVID-19 cases has resulted in a shortage of supplies and resources among healthcare providers. With demand set to increase, leaders and workers need to quickly get - and remain - ahead of the curve to ensure they have what they need to effectively treat patients coming through their doors.

Being able to identify future gaps in supplies means action can be quickly taken to ensure there are no disruptions to treatment and that everyone receives the same level of care.

Improving the safety of frontline workers

Alongside keeping supplies stocked, healthcare providers must prioritize the safety of their frontline workers. Providing these teams with platforms to regularly engage leaders about equipment requests and evolving safety issues ensures changes can be quickly made where they are needed most.

Keeping the immediate safety of your team at the forefront of all actions, and quickly responding to it, empowers your healthcare workers to focus on what matters most at this time.

Keeping teams thriving

Healthcare workers find themselves under unprecedented demand and stress during this time. This means we must provide them with support to manage the emotional and physical challenges they might be facing.

A regular check-in with workers will tell you the pulse of your workforce, as well as what action you can take to empower teams and individuals. Taking action can create a sense of unity and morale among your workforce, demonstrating we are all in this together, and helping us to overcome every challenge thrown our way.

As we increase our efforts to combat COVID-19 across the globe, healthcare workers need our unwavering support to keep teams running at their absolute best.

To access free resources to keep connected with frontline workers, click here:

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Susan Haufe // Healthcare Chief Industry Advisor

Susan has over 20 years of experience building customer-centric cultures. Before Qualtrics, she served as the Chief Experience Officer for Yale New Haven Health and the Administrative Director for Patient Relations and Service at Virginia Mason Medical Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Texas Christian University, Master’s in Health Administration from the University of Washington and serves on The Beryl Institute Solutions Advisory Board.

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