At Qualtrics we say certification is not a token achievement. That’s because Qualtrics Certification is challenging. But challenging is worth it because certification teaches you how to capture insights.

And from insights, it’s just one more step to value.

I hope you’ll join us for Certification at the 2017 Insight Summit. As a little enticement, I wanted to share some stories from clients who have used Certification to improve themselves and improve their organizations.

RSM Marketing – Landing Bigger Deals

The Challenge: As a smaller agency serving a smaller market, RSM Marketing constantly has to prove its value to big clients, says Michael Costello, Digital Marketing Lead Strategist. Qualtrics Certification is a key part of his pitch.

Where’s the Value? “Certification immediately had a very high return. We just merged with a major competitor about six months ago and that greatly expanded our digital capabilities. We wouldn’t have been able to do that if we didn’t have some of the business that Qualtrics Certification has helped us to get. Certification helps us get new clients and prove we’re better than the next guy, that we know what we’re doing.

Training to be a steward of data offered further value to our clients

To be able to do something substantial, we needed extra instruction, not just from Qualtrics, but from people in other industries around the country and around the world. That’s why we chose to do Certification at the Insight Summit. There’s great demand for people that can responsibly gather, analyze and deploy data. Training to be a steward of data offered further value to our clients which meant new business opportunities for me and the agency. I learn better from intensive, in-depth training which is why we went to the Summit to do it.

And Certification is a gateway. When you come from a smaller agency and a smaller market like we do, when you are sailing out to a blue ocean and you’re the one that has to find the answer, I don’t have somebody that I can call on here. But I do have somebody. I can call somebody at Qualtrics and get the help I need.”

Large University – Saving (a Lot of) Time

The Challenge: A large Western university serves 35,000 students and confronts all the same challenges of large organizations everywhere. Jason Hill, Manager Academic Enterprise Systems, needed a way to streamline processes, saving himself and his campus partners valuable time. Qualtrics certification quickly paid for itself.

Where’s the Value? “After getting my Bronze certification during the 2016 Insight Summit, I wanted to start eliminating time-sucking tasks. Qualtrics certification opened my eyes to the possibilities in the Insight Platform. I just started thinking ‘Holy cow, I can use Qualtrics for this. I can use it for this.’ In my case that meant pretty much anything but surveys.

What used to take more than a minute per request is now automatic.

Here’s an example: The way I learned to use email triggers helps us with course changes, which used to be a high-volume, low-value process. It used to literally take about a minute-and-a-half to go into Canvas, search for the course, search for the right section in the right semester, and then click on the user page. With my training on triggers, the tool can go right to the course user page based on the URL the instructor entered. It’s so easy to do. We’re reducing the amount of time it takes just to get to the course. What used to take more than a minute per request is now automatic. Multiply that by the thousands, and you see the value.

Now everybody on campus is coming to me for help with Qualtrics. We’ve got HR wanting to manage their conflict of interest process. Our legal department wants to use it to facilitate some of the forms that have to be signed by new hires. People are coming to me for my expertise, and I’m pushing them toward the certification process. It’s really a great tool.

I’m setting out to move at least one more level up in my certification this year. The training I receive will prove valuable in the continued development of my skills, workflows, and capabilities.

Insights to Value

These are just two examples of starting with insights and getting to value. Qualtrics has a certification level for you regardless of your current level of expertise. Start with Bronze, where you’ll learn to create customized user experiences, distribute to the right people, and analyze insights. Next is Silver, where you learn to filter and visualize data, build compelling reports, and raise your distribution game. And if your Q game is already strong, Gold teaches you how to use APIs, localize surveys, and become a strong platform administrator.

The use cases for Qualtrics are as varied as our clients, but certification skills help you get more quickly to insights. And then to value.