Tuesday, April 25 8am - 6:30pm

Qualtrics Certification is designed to help you develop the skills and expertise you need to be your organisation’s go-to expert.

Qualtrics Certified users at leading organisations in every industry have more confidence in their data collection and decision making as a result of becoming Certified. Make sure you and your team know what you need to know so you can stay ahead.

Qualtrics Certification Converge Europe 2017

The best way to kick off your Qualtrics Certification journey is at Converge. Join other thought leaders and receive in-person instruction. You’ll network, learn and be ready to take the Certification exam.

The Qualtrics Technical Professional course will be offered on Tuesday, April 25th from 8:15am to 6:30pm. Learn from Qualtrics experts, network with other Qualtrics users, and walk away with the knowledge needed to move your organisation forward.

How it works:

You can become a Qualtrics Technical Professional at Converge in 3 steps:

  1. Prepare for Certification by completing the training materials in your online learning account.
  2. Attend a full day of in-person training with Qualtrics experts on Tuesday, April 25th. You’ll cap off the day by taking the Technical Professional Certification exam.
  3. Share your Qualtrics lightbulb moments with your team, your organisation and other attendees of Converge.




£400 // April 25


  • The Technical Professional Certification Course
  • 8 hours of on-site training from Qualtrics experts


BOOK // £400

On April 26, we are delighted to present the inaugural Qualtrics Converge Europe. This event will bring together leading European brands and the brightest minds in marketing, research, customer experience and employee engagement. Join us and 500 of your peers for learning, knowledge-sharing and fun.

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