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Customer Care Impact Calculator

What’s the value of customer experience?

The most successful Customer Care centers are those integrated into the business, with every other function benefitting as a result. You’ll see happier staff that stay for longer, and happier customers ready to spend more, for longer - and tell their friends and family about it.

Tell us a few details about your operations to calculate the impact that going from customer care to customer experience can have on your business.

Tell us about your operations

Tell us a few details about your contact center operations


Discover the value of improving customer care

Tell us how much you're looking to improve across these key areas below.


Your value from improving customer experience

Based on industry averages and results we’ve seen with other customers, here’s what you might be able to save by focusing on experience over a 18-24 month period


Impact of operational improvements


Staff training efficiency impact


Total impact

How this works

The numbers above give an indication as to how contact center efficiencies can help you to deliver a better experience throughout the business - for customers, employees and product too.

Please note: Qualtrics does not take responsibility for your savings outlined in the Customer Care Calculator. The numbers given in the Customer Care Calculator are estimates only and not guaranteed.

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The XM System of Action

Qualtrics makes it easy to collect feedback from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, or any other stakeholder using the channels they prefer.

Using advanced text and voice analytics, Qualtrics automatically surfaces hidden insights buried deep in customer feedback.

With powerful AI and machine learning, Qualtrics generates recommended actions, then automatically routes them to the people in the best position to affect change.