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BMW + Qualtrics

"Qualtrics helps us make every experience as good as our
product experience."



of all issues resolved within 5 days

Increased repurchase and return service rates


point NPS increase in first nine months


BMW’s reputation for driving performance in the automotive industry is second to none. But in the experience economy, you need more than one great experience to earn and keep loyal customers. BMW invested in Qualtrics XM to reengineer its CX program and drive increased repurchase and return service rates.

How do you create the ultimate customer experience for drivers?

BMW invested in Qualtrics XM to reengineer its CX program and drive increased repurchase and return service rates.


Simplifying CX

In 1985, BMW created of a global customer satisfaction program to ensure dealers were delivering on brand promises. After three decades, it was clear that the program was ineffective — repurchase rates and the number of owners returning to the dealership for service were both down.

In 2016, the program was reengineered in favor of a simplified, two question survey: a standard NPS score and an open text response asking why the customer gave that rating.

While BMW’s surveys are now simple to complete, it takes a full suite of tools to ensure that every voice is heard and that every feedback loop is closed to the customer’s satisfaction. Qualtrics XM provides the text analysis, integrations, and personalized, mobile-friendly dashboards needed to ensure that every leader in the organization is empowered to act on feedback.

Driving global outcomes

In North America, BMW worked with Qualtrics to drive new workflows within the organization to orient dealerships around the customer. Each dealership is accountable for ensuring that experiences are measured via an automated questionnaire. Below-standard interactions trigger an automated ticket that tracks actions and empowers dealership employees to close the loop with customers.

A similar solution was deployed in Northern Europe, where BMW uses Qualtrics on a daily basis to read every customer comment, respond back to the customer within 24 hours, and resolve the issue within 5 days. This deep level of commitment leads to repeat customers and drives the business forward.

In Japan, within just three months, and with hands-on support from the Qualtrics team based in Japan, BMW transformed their research program into a full-scale customer experience management program that allows them to easily deliver real-time insights to the
corporate team and the entire dealer network.

BMW is creating brand enthusiasts with every experience

Craig Westbrook

Craig Westbrook

VP, BMW of North America

The XM platform is the right technology to match our vision of making every experience as good as our product experience

BMW is one of the marquee names in motorsport history. Its highly sought-after vehicles provide an “ultimate driving experience” lauded by car and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.





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