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Candidate Experience Playbook

How to design and improve your hiring practices for the future of work

When hiring gets competitive, it’s imperative to create a candidate experience that stands above the rest. This starts from when they first have awareness of your brand, through the interview process and even after they’re onboarded.

Knowing that there are so many moments that matter, how can recruiting and talent acquisition teams create a robust experience at scale as candidate preferences change?

This playbook, authored by the Qualtrics Candidate Experience Team and talent acquisition leaders, dives deep into how to create a legendary candidate experience at all the crucial touchpoints in hiring.

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In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Practical guidance from Visa, ServiceNow, Danaher, and Qualtrics leaders to apply within the four core
    stages of the candidate experience.
  • How to design a hiring experience where candidates feel they can bring their whole self to work.
  • How to ensure rejected candidates retain a positive impression of the organization.

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