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Quality management reimagined:
A professional’s guide to optimizing contact center operations


A customer’s experience with a company’s contact center can significantly impact his or her perception of the brand, product or service in question.

When operating efficiently, contact centers have incredible potential to serve as mechanisms for discovering insights, transforming the customer experience, and impacting the employee experience. Despite gradual changes to contact center operations, many organizations use manual processes that make it difficult to effectively evaluate agent behavior, coach agents, or identify insights that benefit the organization as a whole.

Organizations are investing in contact center efficiency by implementing quality management programs that evaluate agent performance and identify specific areas for improvement, and businesses are starting to understand the contact center’s important role in shaping customer experience.

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In this guide you’ll learn

  • Shortcomings of traditional approaches to quality management
  • Key stages of the end-to-end quality management process
  • Criteria that matter most during each stage
  • Characteristics of an effective quality management solution

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