The Compelling Agent Experience - Moving from chasing targets to delivering on customer experience

Contact centres have typically been seen as a cost to the business — but the world’s leading customer service companies have flipped it on its head to make contact centres a key driver of the customer experience.

To do that, it’s essential to put contact centre staff at the heart of your transformation, by driving engagement and motivation, enabling them to deliver outstanding customer experiences through your customer support services.

In this guide we explore how the contact center is changing and how, by focusing on customer expectations, you can use it to increase customer retention.

Plus, we look at some of the strategies contact centres can take to engage and motivate employees to go over and above to deliver for your customers.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How to move towards a service-led contact centre approach

  • How to drive employee engagement AND customer experience

  • What to measure to optimise the experience for your employees

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