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Employee experience study from Forrester Consulting

How HR leaders are evolving their employee listening programs

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Surveys have been the single way to administer employee listening programs for decades. As have many things in the past three years, that’s drastically changing. With new technology enabling bigger impact, and the role of employee experience (EX) leaders expanding beyond the traditional scope, organizations have growing expectations. With that, comes the need for an overhaul of how you do EX.

In this study, gain insight on the new ways that organizations are running their listening programs to shape an employee experience that allows your people to drive your organizational goals.

Fuel Your EX Listening Strategy With Actionable Data, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Qualtrics, December 2022.

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What you’ll get from this study:

  • Key findings from industry data and HR/EX peers to drive impact
  • How to gauge EX insights without exclusively relying on surveys
  • Insights from industry professionals on areas of opportunity for listening programs

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